The 9 Signs Your Partner is About to Propose

Get ready!

Updated 10/17/17

Eight Signs He's Going To Propose

Proposals may be best left to a surprise. But according to Sarah Glick, proposal planner with Brilliant Event Planning in New York City, "it's sometimes helpful to know what's ahead to that you have time to prepare." For example, she says, you may want the perfect manicure to go with your new engagement ring. And if you can spot a proposal coming, you can book that appointment, stat. So if you're ready to sniff out your partner's plans, here are nine expert signs he or she is preparing to pop the question.

1. Your partner has taken charge of an upcoming trip.

According to Glick, one of the most common and popular ways people propose is while on vacation. So, if your last-minute partner suddenly shows an interest in planning a vacation or making reservations without your help, "that might be a clue that he or she is up to something," she says.

2. Your partner talks nonstop about your future.

Says Michele Velazquez, owner of proposal planning service The Heart Bandits, "if your guy starts referring to the way distant future a lot, he may secretly be looking for affirmation that you see a way distant future with him." After all, no guy or gal wants your answer to be a resounding no. So, says Velazquez, "if you want him [or her] to propose, reinforce you feel the same way."

3. He or she asks for your ring size.

The jewelry store isn't your typical date night. But "if your significant other is happy to go into a jewelry shop with you or if you notice one of your rings go missing, he or she might be trying to figure out the measurements for your ring finger," Glick says. "Couples today often pick out the ring together, so if you do decide to look at rings together, that is an obvious giveaway."

4. Your partner is saving his or her pennies.

Your partner was always happy to spend a night out on the town. But now, he or she is all-too-excited to stay in for a free movie marathon. "If your usual care-free spending guy starts penny pinching, he may be saving up for your engagement ring," points out Velazquez. "Pretend to not notice or encourage this behavior, and it will benefit you if you want a proposal."

5. Someone makes you a manicure appointment.

Girls night out? This Friday, your friends want to make it at the nail salon. "I've had a couple of clients recently use their significant other's girlfriends to their advantage to make sure that her nails are done for post-proposal," says Glick. So if your gal pals ask you to get your nails done, "that could definitely be a sign your partner is about to propose," Glick says.

6. Your partner starts snooping.

You've never caught your guy or gal in your jewelry box before. But today, you saw them snooping through your baubles as if they were planning to wear one themselves. "If your partner starts snooping through your Pinterest or jewelry box, he may be looking for engagement ring inspiration or proposal ideas," says Velazquez. "If you want your dream ring or proposal, you should plant hints here."

7. Your partner wants to take a walk down memory lane.

According to Glick, "Often when people are about to propose, they start to get sentimental." So whether your significant other is content to while away hours flipping through photo albums or has been writing you sweeter texts than usual, being exceptionally affectionate can be a sign a proposal is on the horizon. "If your significant other starts bringing up fond memories of the two of you, pay attention," Glick says. "He or she might be giving you a hint."

8. Your partner is acting secretive and nervous.

You tell one another everything. But now, when you ask where they were, the answer is vague. No, they're not cheating. "This could be a sign he is in the process of purchasing the ring or planning the actual proposal," says Velazquez. "Don't be overly nosey or snoopy or you could ruin your own surprise."

9. Your partner wants to confirm all your favorites.

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