9 Subtle Signs Your Partner is Probably Going To Propose Soon

Gunna put a ring on it

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You know your S.O. is the one, but do they feel the same? You think so, but you've noticed they've been acting a little strange lately. Well, it could be that your main heartthrob is about ready to pop the question! Yes! But we're not too excited, are we? Yes, we are! Here are nine signs your partner is probably going to propose soon.

1. They don't dismiss your hints.

If you start dropping hints about ring styles you love, and your S.O. looks at you with adoration and not, "Not this nonsense again," they might be ready to buy you a sparkling gem of a ring.

2. Future plans include you.

If your partner is talking about the future and not referencing it as, "One day down the line" or "When the time comes," but instead is speaking about life plans with you directly in line, they're ready to commit to you for the long haul. Don't be surprised if you find them on one knee, with a ring in one hand and yours in the other.

3. You're included in more and more plans with friends and family.

Are you suddenly BFFs with your S.O.'s family? Are the family invites to events and dinners pouring in? Are you meeting obscure family members that they barely reference or family members that they adore even if they live miles away? Your partner may be grooming them—and you. Letting everyone get a chance to really know you is a sure sign they want you around forever.

4. They're working overtime.

Is your partner suddenly not available to cuddle and hang out so much because work is running them ragged? Do they seem a little stressed or tired? Your S.O. may be working overtime to provide your hand and finger with the best ring this side of town.

5. Your bae is suddenly being secretive.

Is your boo being secretive, but not in an angry way? Simply taking steps to go somewhere or hunting online, yet refusing to let you look? Someone may be ring shopping.

6. They refer to you as "the wife" or "the hubby."

If your beau calls you "The Wife" or "The Hubby" (not in an annoying or sarcastic way), they may be putting vibes out into the world that they already see you as the special lifelong love. A ring is the next natural step.

7. Questions arise about your future.

Suddenly, your partner is talking to you about your future wants. If they're reaching out to you to open the conversation, bae may be putting the feelers out to see if you're ready and willing to be with them forever.

8. All their friends are getting married.

Does your partner surround themselves with a ton of married guys or gals, or have friends who are about to walk down the aisle? If they're a person whose core group of friends values commitment, it most likely means, so do they. The bachelor/ette is most likely not schmoozing with a bunch of married guys/girls because they need people to go out and flirt with. If your S.O. is hanging with committed couples, they want a commitment as well.

9. They tell you straight-up.

If you're the eager beaver looking for some reassurance of commitment to you and they're willingly sharing that they're in it to win it, then be patient. That ring will come.

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