Should You Use a Microphone For Your Ceremony?

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In truth, almost nothing worse can happen at your wedding ceremony than your guests not being able to hear you as you exchange your vows. "Your marriage is the sole reason for their presence," explains Chandra Keel, owner of Chandra Keel Events in Phoenix, "and if they can't hear the ceremony it's a big disappointment."

But even so, you may still be doubting the necessity of a microphone. After all, the equipment used to project your voice to the last pew or garden chair "can be counter-productive to the overall look and feel of a ceremony," admits Keel. For example, "if your ceremony is being held in an open field or in the middle of the forest where you want to keep the space feeling as natural as possible, a microphone and the cords that accompany it can be a real eyesore. It's possible, too, that there are little or no power sources and adding a microphone can turn out to be a complicated and costly addition."

So how do you decide between function and form? Keel suggests starting by asking yourself a few questions: Do you have a power source for the sound system? Does your officiant require that you provide a microphone? What are the acoustics like in the area where your ceremony will be held? Is it a large open space? If you answer yes to any of these questions, a microphone will likely be a necessity, no matter if it's also an eyesore.

Even if you don't find it absolutely necessary, consider this, Keel cautions: "Having a microphone is one of those things that I put into the 'better safe than sorry' category," she says. "It's a rarity when a microphone is not needed. If its necessity is in question, it's better to be on the safe side and add it because it's very inexpensive and can make a huge difference for your guests."

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