Should You Hire a Security Guard for Your Wedding?

If You Think Security Is Only a Royal Wedding Necessity, Think Again

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Photo by Olivia Rae James

When you’re looking over your wedding to-do list, wondering what tasks you might have skipped over or what vendors you might have forgotten about, one thing you might not have thought about yet: whether or not you should hire a security guard for your wedding.

At first, the idea might sound a little crazy. A security guard? For what? But then, as you think about your guest list and the potential problems that might pop up, the idea of getting a security guard might start to feel like a security blanket that will help you rest easy before the wedding and on the day of.

If you’re thinking about hiring security for your wedding, as a “just in case” measure, here are the four questions to ask yourself before bringing on a person or two to patrol your wedding.

1. What Kind of Drama Can You Predict?

When you find yourself eyeballing your final guest list, begin thinking about any potential guests that may stir up drama. Do you have anyone attending who's infamous for getting drunk and out of control? Do you have any family members or even groups of friends that have issues with one another and might use your wedding as a battleground? Are you nervous about someone from your past showing up unexpectedly or just someone random crashing your wedding? Begin asking yourself these questions. If you find that you can’t say a definitive no to each and every one of them, you might want to look into having security at your venue just to provide an extra layer of safety.

2. Do You Have Any Reliable Friends or Family Members?

If you are aware of the potential problems that might happen between guests or if some people spend a little too much quality time at the bar, ask yourself whether you might have a reliable friend or family member who will be in attendance. Perhaps they can serve as the designated damage control person for the night, looking out for any potential mishaps and stepping in before altercations turn ugly. Brief that person on anyone who you think might start a problem so that they can keep their eyes on them. Having someone there who is on the lookout for drama can help you ease your nerves on the wedding day, knowing that the problems won’t fall on you and ruin the mood of one of the best days of your life.

3. What Does the Venue Provide?

If having a security guard is something that will help you rest easy beforehand and make you feel stress-free on the wedding day, ask your venue what sort of security they provide. Perhaps they offer someone on-site throughout the night in case there are any issues or a professional security guard you can chat with in advance to brief them on what situations you think could happen. If they don’t offer this service for free, inquire about pricing per hour and consider hiring the person for the end of the night, when guests usually find themselves in a rowdy mood.

4. How Much Money Do You Have Left in the Budget?

If your venue doesn’t provide a security option and you don’t think you have any friends or family members that you can confidently rely on, check your wedding budget to see if you have funds leftover to potentially hire an outside service. Hiring a security guard can cost you anywhere from $50 to $100 an hour. If it’s important for you to have this service, see what other areas you can cut back on to include this in your wedding budget.

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