Should We Invite Our Officiant to the Rehearsal Dinner?

Updated 01/16/14

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One of the loveliest pre-wedding moments is the rehearsal dinner: A cozy, intimate meal full of delicious food and memorable toasts shared with your closest family and friends. But should you also invite your officiant to the gathering? Our wedding etiquette experts are here to answer your rehearsal-dinner questions in our daily post.

Should we invite our officiant to the rehearsal dinner?

Yes, it's a very good idea to invite your officiant and their spouse to the rehearsal dinner, even if the person is someone you are not very close with and have hired solely for their wedding-day services. Think of it this way: Once the rehearsal has concluded and everyone is about to head to the restaurant for the rehearsal dinner, how uncomfortable would it be if your officiant was the only person not invited to the festivities? It's a kind gesture to extend a rehearsal dinner invitation, and who knows—he may learn something sweet or funny about you and your groom's relationship or your families that he can incorporate into the ceremony to make it even more personalized and memorable. And if he doesn't know you very well, either, he'll most likely decline the invitation, but it's important to offer one, regardless.

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