Should Your Fiancé Pick Out Your Wedding Ring?

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Your wedding band is the single most important piece of jewelry you will ever own, and should therefore be both timeless and demonstrative of your personal style. However, there is a certain romanticism to the idea of allowing your groom to surprise you with your ring. Our etiquette experts weigh in on the choice between selecting your own band and allowing your fiancé to take the reigns.

If you feel that your groom has a firm grasp on what you like and will select a ring that evokes your style, by all means allow him to choose the piece. The moment of exchanging your rings during the ceremony will be made all the more poignant and romantic if you are surprised by your band design.

However, more and more couples are select their wedding bands together. If you don't trust your future husband's taste or feel more comfortable discussing the decision before moving forward, you might want to select your wedding rings on your own. If it's really important to him, though, you can compromise by scheduling a preliminary appointment at your local jeweler with your fiancé to view various styles. After the appointment, your significant other will have a clearer vision of the the cut, metal, and design you prefer before choosing your band. Keep in mind that your wedding band will remain on your finger each day for the rest of your life, and so must be something both you and your fiancé love.

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