Should Your Bridesmaids Wear Matching Accessories?

Jessica Christie Photography

Having your bridesmaids wear an array of color-coordinated dresses is a long-revered tradition for the wedding day. However, your bridal party should be allowed to express their personal style, even when sporting the same dress. So should a bride's 'maids rock the same accessories down the aisle or personalize their ensembles with their own gems? Our etiquette experts weigh in on the question of matching bridesmaid accessories.

As your bridesmaids are already likely wearing matching dresses for your wedding, adding matching accessories to the mix could be a style hit or a miss. And encouraging your girls to purchase identical accessories on top of an already pricey gown may ruffles some feathers. By allowing your 'maids to choose their own accessories, you can encourage each member of your bridal party to customize her own ensemble despite sporting the same style of dress. In lieu of an array of completely corresponding ensemble, each girl can adorn her frock with jewelry and other accessories that express her personal style.

However, gifting your maids with custom accents is a wonderful way to express your gratitude for their assistance and support. A simple pendant necklace or custom bracelet can embellish your 'maids ensembles and also serve as a symbol of appreciation for their help. Unless you choose to bestow your bridesmaids with matching jewelry, you may wish to allow each person to pick her own accessories of choice.

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