Sézane Launches A New Bridal Collection: Ceremony Grand Je(u)

Sézane debuts a wedding capsule with gowns, dresses, suiting, and more!

Courtesy of Sézane

There’s something about French women that always captivates us from their effortless hair to their quietly fierce makeup and a nonchalant sense of fashion. Simply put, it’s that famous je ne sais quoi we can’t help but feel inspired by, especially when it comes to bridal style.

A très magnifique source of inspiration for your wedding day, Parisian style is all about feeling elegant, romantic, and most importantly, unfussy — the perfect vibe to capture if you’re a laid-back bride or a lover of chic simplicity. So, when shopping for your bridal wardrobe from your engagement party dress to your wedding gown, a French designer is a smart route to take for capturing this aesthetic, which is exactly what Sézane founder and designer, Morgane Sézalory set out to achieve with her new bridal collection, Ceremony collection Grand Je(u).

Already a go-to label for feminine dresses and easy-chic separates, we jumped at the chance to learn more about Sézane’s full expansion into bridal, which not only includes an exquisite lineup of wedding dresses, bridal occasion dresses, and sleek suiting, but also bridesmaid and wedding guest attire that feels fiercely romantic and quintessentially French.

Ahead, read on for more on Sézane’s official foray into bridal and shop our picks from the debut collection. Plus, stay tuned as additional styles from the new collection will launch April 10.

Brides: Why did you decide to get into bridal and what inspired the designs?

Morgane Sézalory: “For years, Sézane has been about building an everyday wardrobe for women hungry for affordable, well-made, feminine pieces with a focus on French style. It felt natural to create a wedding season capsule to accompany women during the most beautiful days of their lives. "

Can you describe your vision for the collection? What's the overall aesthetic and what type of bride do you think it will appeal to most?

“We really wanted to offer luminous and feminine pieces for the days before, during, and after the wedding. We wanted our bride to feel comfortable and pretty. Dresses, skirts, and jumpsuits are made from noble materials like carefully selected lace at the right price.”

What did you feel was missing from the bridal market that the Ceremony collection now provides?

“Brides now have a wide variety of options to choose from in the market, they are not only wearing traditional wedding gowns. We wanted to offer our customer a range of choices from retro-cool dresses to suits and accessories that feel timeless, [all] at an accessible price point. It was important to have a selection for our brides, bridesmaids, and wedding guests.”

The collection features an assortment of pieces from casual dresses and separates to City Hall-style looks and even black. How do you envision these different pieces being worn?

“Above all, this collection is designed for the pretty occasions of spring and summer whether you’re the bride, her sister, or a guest. We have created an assortment of pieces and accessories for all special moments from the simplest knit dress to the most elaborate lace Agnès dress, one of our most popular silhouettes.”

A lot of these pieces feel really transitional and fluid between occasions, not strictly for a wedding. Was the intention to create pieces that a bride can keep in her wardrobe and re-wear after her wedding?

“Absolutely, at Sézane, we love pieces that are made to last over time and that are passed on. Preserving the memories of that day by having the opportunity to put on your dress again was the intention.”

French-girl style is highly sought after and talked about. What pieces from the collection do you think most emulate a "French-girl look” for brides looking to achieve that?

“French girls like to be natural, comfortable, and recognize themselves on the big day. They style accessories in a very chic way with their look. A pair of golden pumps or pretty jewels with our Apolline dress reflects the chic-comfortable style that the French desire.”

Do you have a favorite piece or pieces from the collection?

“I have many... like the embroidered Magalie dress that features a wide neckline and ruffled sleeves. Or, the perfect cotton and ecru linen suits for any occasion.”


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