7 Sexy Things You Need on Your Wedding Night (Other Than Lingerie)

You probably didn’t even think of these

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Elizabeth Cooney

Your wedding night is finally here. It’s a magical time, but it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement and anxiety. The last thing you want is to have it spoiled because you forgot something crucial.

From a toothbrush to your sleep mask, be sure you have all the essentials stashed in your overnight bag beforehand. There are also a few sexy things you may not have even thought of that are equally as important, but we’ve got you covered.

A Variety of Couple’s Vibrators

Yes, a variety of couple’s vibrators—you read that correctly. What on earth does that mean? Well, couple’s vibrators come in all shapes and sizes. The most important two to have is a wearable vibrator you can put on during sex (yes, during intercourse), and a finger vibrator you can hold during sex.

A wearable couple’s vibrator will help you get the clitoral stimulation you need, hands-free after a long night of partying. A finger vibe, like Fin from Dame Products, straps right between your fingers, making it easy to use. Let’s be real, it’s been a long night and an easy orgasm is going to sound very appealing by the time you get upstairs.

Sex-Able Menstrual Cup

If you have an unpredictable period, have something to back you up. The last thing a bride needs is to have a blissful wedding day and then miss out on sex because she’s on her period. Of course, this is assuming you don’t enjoy period sex. If you and your partner do enjoy period sex, grab a towel and go for it.

I personally can’t handle the mess, so this is where Flex has had my back on several occasions. It’s a disc-shaped menstrual cup that sits up by the cervix. It stays far enough back so that you can actually have sex with it in—no mess (I’ve even tested it). A few more options if you’re a bride who is anti-tampon: Lunette, Aisle, or DivaCup.

Porn You Can Both Get Into

Porn is awesome all the time. Maybe you want to watch some on your wedding night, maybe you don’t. That choice is yours, but if you want to watch a little skin flick, make sure it’s something other than a crappy chain of low-definition Redtube clips.

Have some Erika Lust videos downloaded and ready to go. Erika Lust is a female feminist pornographer—her videos focus on female pleasure, featuring an array of body types and natural pubic hair situations. While super hot, the focus is on two people enjoying sex, rather than a man dominating a woman (which is common in mainstream porn). It’s erotic and sexy enough to be ideal for a wedding night.

Your Favorite Travel-Sized Lube

Do not forget your favorite lube on your wedding night. It’s bad enough when you’re on a vacation and need to hit up the CVS, let alone your first night of wedded bliss.

Many amazing lubes come in travel-sized containers (because lugging around a giant tube of lubricant is not convenient, to say the least). A small bottle makes for easy transport and on-the-go sexy time. Our favorite is water-based Babeland lube or Sustain Natural's organic version.

Massage Oil

We fully condone the use of oil for a sexy massage, but the real reason you need massage oil is for your feet. You’ve been on your feet the entire night dancing your butt off and you are going to be tired.

Slip into your hotel robe, grab some massage oil, and have your new husband or wife give your tootsies a rub down (don’t forget to offer the promise of a return favor). Once you’re both relaxed, the fires of desire will be stoked and the newlywed sex can commence. Or, you know, sleep—no judgment.

Bath Bomb

Assuming you’re in a place that has a bathtub, having your favorite bath bomb or bath oil is very important. The only thing hotels have is gross body wash that dries out your skin.

So, always come prepared. Try this Butterball Lush bath bomb. It’s super moisturizing and easily fits in a travel suitcase. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the bottle opening and ruining your honeymoon clothes. It perfectly sets the mood for a sweet (or scandalous) couples bath.

Comfortable Pajamas

We’re all for that sexy bridal lingerie, but think ahead. Lace is not the most comfortable sleeping choice for all of us. Be sure to bring your favorite comfortable pajamas for sleep. And comfortable doesn’t have to mean ugly. Pick some cute silk or cotton jammies from Victoria’s Secret or go luxe with a set from Sleepy Jones. And there's always the tried and true option of sleepin’ in the nude.

Gigi Engle is a sex educator and writer living in NYC. Her work has appeared on Cosmo, Elle, Teen Vogue, Glamour, Allure, Marie Claire, and Bustle.

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