5 Sexy Honeymoon Activities That Aren't Sex

Updated 05/19/15

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In the days following your big day, it's almost too easy to put your hands all over your new husband. But when you can't enjoy the privacy of your hotel room, you can still keep the attraction alive. "Part of intimacy is the element of anticipation — because anticipation is one of the hallmarks of foreplay and for building sexual desire," says sexologist Dr. Patti Britton. "Getting into sexy activities is part of the dance of seduction and allure to get us to want a partner to be sexual with us. Follow those impulses and you'll find a great payoff in the bedroom later on."

Here are five sexy activities that aren't sex — but that you totally need to try on your honeymoon to keep sparks flying.

Touch each other in innocent ways.

"Holding hands is a prelude to what's ahead," says Britton. "Touching hair or the neck, touching or grazing a hand over sexy body parts can amp up arousal."

Indulge in a couples' massage.

"Massages are always welcome and can be done just about anywhere," says sex expert Nikki Ransom. "Massages are a way to make your partner feel relaxed, soothed, and taken care of."

Share breakfast in bed.

"This is another sexy thing couples can do because it is pampering each other and showing how much you care," says Ransom. "There is nothing sexier than a man cooking breakfast! Even if it doesn't turn out edible, it's still pretty sexy and really sweet."

Tease one another.

"Behave like children," suggests Ransom. "We forget as adults that we can and should still be silly, goofy, even downright childish — but in a good way." Achieve a childlike affection for one another by going "to the arcade and playing games, playing a round of miniature golf, watch ridiculous comedy movies with each other. To me, there is nothing sexier than a couple that can laugh and have fun together."

Go on a date.

"Dressing up and meeting in a public place can be a real turn on for couples," says Britton. So pick a spot you're dying to see on your honeymoon, but head their separately — and enjoy the process of "meeting" each other once more.

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