What's the Deal with Sex Toy Bridal Showers?

Updated 02/02/15

Noah Hawthorne Photography

If the idea of opening toaster ovens and Kitchen Aid attachments sounds, well, boring, you may be a good candidate for a sex toy shower. "Some people think that toy parties are only for single, 'lonely' women when that is far from the truth," says sex expert Nikki Ransom-Alfred. "These parties are for everyone, because everyone can benefit from better sex."

And just because it's a sex toy shower doesn't mean it has to get too raunchy for family members to attend. "They can be as mild or as wild as you want them to be," Ransom-Alfred says.

So if you're considering hosting (or asking your 'maids to throw) a sex toy shower, here's what you need to know: A party consultant will come to your chosen locale and "bring a variety of products for guests to see, smell, or even taste, and provide helpful sex tips for everyone," says Ransom-Alfred.

"These companies have items like handcuffs, body massage candles, games, and arousal enhancement drops to sexy lingerie," Ransom-Alfred says.

Still interested? The bonus for brides is that "the party will make shopping for a shower gift easier on the guests," Ransom-Alfred says. "The bride can let her guests know which products and toys she wants and they can purchase right then and there as a gift for her." (Ransom-Alfred suggests packing your purchases for your honeymoon to get your vacation started off on the, ahem, right foot.)

And when it comes to the guest list, "you want to invite those who will not be a stick in the mud and possibly ruin what's meant to be a really great time," Ransom-Alfred suggests. "If the bride is okay with inviting certain family members and those members will be comfortable, then by all means invite them. As long as the bride can still be herself and have a great time, the more the merrier." (And remember: You can always have more than one bridal shower if one proves to be too risqué for certain friends or family members.)

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