This Adorable Senior Couple Fell in Love at a Nursing Home and Are Now Planning to Get Married

Because it's never too late to find love

Updated 12/15/17

If you have yet to fall in love and find "the one," know that you have plenty of time (and tell your family to get off your back). For one adorably enamored senior couple, it took a whopping eight decades of time to find each other and tie the knot—but it was well worth the wait!

Despite meeting only two months ago, 78-year-old Allen Seelhammer and 87-year-old Ann Hoover found love at the Brookdale Senior Living Center in New Braunfels, Texas, where they were both residing. The duo initially kindled their romance by hanging out during mealtime and events after Hoover first moved in to the center. The rest, as they say, was history.

Because there's no time to waste when you've found that special someone, it only seemed natural to take their love to the next level—marriage. According to ABC 6 News, Seelhammer created a graphic organizer for Hoover, detailing their short but sweet relationship, including plans of moving on to a wedding. Taking this as a makeshift marriage proposal (nothing says romance quite like T-charts), Hoover said yes.

This will be the second marriage of both the future bride and groom, as their first spouses previously passed away. Seelhammer was wed for 57 years, Hoover for 23 years. But being the hip couple that they are, the second time around will have a more 21st-century spin—Brookdale will broadcast their nuptials live on December 20 at 5 p.m. CST, so we can thankfully tune in as the lovebirds say I do. Brookdale residents will enjoy champagne, cake, and a good old-fashioned display of love at the citywide celebration.

In a Facebook video promoting the lovable couple, a staff member described Hoover as the "Marilyn Monroe" of Brookdale, and Seelhammer as "a sharp tool in the shed." You can't find a more dynamic elderly duo than that! Another Brookdale resident also described the pair as "a couple of teenagers." That's when you know it's real.

"It’s like a Camelot situation," Seelhammer said in the video. “I’ve never been so happy in my life." Hoover concurs, saying that she has "a cute little fella that she's crazy about, and he acts like he likes me, too." You need to watch to get the full scope of their genuine adorable affection.

Start planning your viewing party and tune in to the Brookdale Facebook page for the wedding of the year (Sorry, Pippa Middleton!)

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