Is It Necessary to Send Your Immediate Family Thank-You Notes?

Updated 06/06/15


Even after you've sent your save-the-dates, printed your invitations, and selected your place cards, there is still another piece of stationary that must be dealt with: your thank-you notes. However, sending a handwritten letter to your parents or close family members in the age of texting and emails can seem like a pain. The question remains: Are you obligated to send thank-you notes to family for wedding gifts? Our etiquette experts weigh in.

While the sheer effort of putting pen to paper and printing literally hundreds of thank-you notes sounds exhausting, expressing your gratitude for any gifts you've received is absolutely necessary. According to modern etiquette, if you have received a gift, you have to thank your benefactor. Not only does the thank-you note function as a traditional display of appreciation, it also alerts the gift's donor that their wedding present made it safely into your hands.

Though you may find sending your family thank-you notes redundant if you see them often and can voice your thanks in person, a handwritten note allows you to articulate exactly what you love about the gift in a more thorough manner. You can also use your thank-you note to remind loved ones how meaningful their involvement in your wedding has been.

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