Self-Care Tasks That Shouldn't Take a Backseat to Wedding Planning

Don't forget about the most important person in your wedding—you!

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Wedding planning isn’t just time-consuming—at times it can feel downright overwhelming. As your big day approaches, you might find yourself feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and spread a bit (or a lot) too thin.

Self-care is an extremely important component of wedding planning, and life, that many often let slip through the cracks. Don’t. Here are some self-care tasks that shouldn’t take a backseat to wedding planning, no matter how overwhelmed you might feel.

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Many brides go on crazy (and dangerous) crash diets and miss hitting important nutritional marks. Others barely have time to scarf down fast food, let alone prepare and cook healthy meals. Nutrition is essential to your wellbeing and provides much-needed energy to cross that finish line (your wedding day). Consider consulting a nutritionist or ensuring that you hit the targeted food group and portion sizes in a balanced diet, regardless of what life and wedding planning throws your way. Try meal prepping or a convenient, healthy meal delivery service to help you stay on track.

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What’s worse than being sick? Being sick on your wedding day. When we’re on overdrive, often our immune systems are taxed and tired, leaving us susceptible to germs and viruses. If you have a cold or nagging cough that lasts more than a few days, carve out some time to head to the doctor. While it very well might just be allergies or the common cold, compromised immune systems can often lead to the flu, bronchitis, upper respiratory infections, and more. Stay on top of any illnesses from the get-go to ensure a healthy wedding day and beyond.

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Mental Health

Mental health and health are the same things, but it’s just so important it deserves a separate category. Stress and exhaustion (among other things) can flare up existing anxiety and depression issues, or bring about new ones and feelings you may struggle with. Anything that you feel goes beyond a “bad day” should never be ignored, as there are tons of resources that can help you navigate through times of distress or difficulty like therapy, counseling, life coaching, and even meditation apps.

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I’m not talking about “sweating for the wedding” type exercise, it’s the stress-busting leisurely walks, restorative yoga classes, and other gentle but necessary movements that your body needs and craves during times of high tension. Exercise in any form is an incredibly important component of self-care for both heart health and head health. No matter how tight your schedule might get, schedule in some after-dinner walks with your love, classes with your girls or bike rides around town to stay grounded and release some feel-good endorphins.

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Regardless of your favorite way to relax and decompress (hello, hot bath and Netflix) make sure you’re doing it and doing it often. If it means crossing off an item on that bridal to-do list tomorrow, make peace with that so you can first make peace within yourself. Light a candle, take a nap, meditate, watch a cheesy movie or get some retail therapy. Whatever brings you joy and relaxation, embrace it and make it a top priority.

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Quality Time with Friends and Family

You might be seeing a lot of your friends and family lately, from dress shopping to venue hunting, your bridal shower, and more. But what about time spent with them that’s not wedding-related? Make sure you’re making time for some good old-fashioned family friend time—Sunday dinner, coffee dates, movie nights, etc. By ensuring you’re having enough face time with those that are closest to you that is not wedding related, you’ll keep your relationships strong, and will have a much-needed break from wedding talk, too.

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