Can A Bride Expect Her Parents to Pay for Her Second Wedding?

Updated 01/02/14

For every bride planning her second wedding, the joy of finding Mr. Right, for real this time, is overwhelming. Every part of the wedding should reflect that happiness! But expenses, particularly the details of the bride's parents footing the bill for another wedding, can muddle it a bit. What should a second time bride say to her parents about payment expectations? Our wedding etiquette experts are here to answer your budget questions our daily post.

I'm about to have my second wedding. I feel I have finally found the right guy, and I want to celebrate that. Can I ask my parents to pay for another wedding of mine?

The days when a bride's parents would bear all the nuptial expenses are gone. Instead, many couples pay for a large portion of the wedding themselves, with additional funds sometimes coming in from both sets of parents. Even those parents who do set aside a nest egg for their daughter's (or son's) first wedding are much less likely to do so for the second. But if your family's financial situation is good, there is nothing wrong with sitting them down, describing your vision in detail, and asking what they would be willing to contribute. Just remember to have a backup plan: You can't be completely surprised if the conversation ends with you covering the bulk of the costs yourselves.

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