Can I Have a Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Party for My Second Wedding?

Bridal shower champagne

 kkshepel / Getty Images

When you're walking down the aisle for the second time, you may decide to do things a little differently than you did the first time around, from how you choose to celebrate to whether you want to wear white. The same goes for pre-wedding celebrations like the bridal shower and bachelorette party. If this is your second time saying "I do," can you still mark your upcoming marriage with these parties?

There's nothing stopping a second-time bride from having a bridal shower or bachelorette party, though she may decide to address the celebrations a little differently this time around.

Traditionally, a bridal shower is an opportunity for guests to gift the bride with items she'll need to set up a new home. Most brides getting remarried already have stocked kitchens and well-equipped homes, so the usual suspects may not be the best fit. Instead, opt for a bridal shower that's more of an activity, like a cooking class or an afternoon of wine tasting and pairings. You could put together a list of new cookbooks you'd love, or choose your favorites out of the wines you all taste and ask guests to purchase a bottle or two as a gift for you to share with your new spouse over the coming years. You could also opt to skip shower gifts completely, and instead just focus on the experience.

The same goes for the bachelorette party. Whether you're a little older and have outgrown a bachelorette party's crazy late nights or would rather plan something that's a far cry from the party you had the first time around, now's a time to get creative. Consider an afternoon at the spa followed by an indulgent dinner or a weekend on the beach. The two of you could also have a joint bash with your partner's wedding party, planning a fun evening of cocktails and music for your friends to celebrate your upcoming wedding.

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