Should the Bachelorette Party and the Bachelor Party Be on The Same Night?

Updated 01/10/14

Christina McNeill

There are so many wedding-related festivities leading up to the wedding that it makes scheduling all of the various parties a serious challenge. Should the bachelorette and bachelor parties be scheduled for the same day? Or is it better to hold them on separate weekends? Our wedding etiquette experts are here to answer your party questions in our daily post.

Should the bachelorette party be held on the same day as the bachelor party?

If it works out to be easier, scheduling-wise, for everyone involved, then by all means, schedule the bachelorette and bachelor parties for the same day (or weekend). Doing it on the same day might even be preferred, especially if the majority of your friends are couples—that way, the girls will be out with the bride while the boys are out with the groom (and everyone will be less likely to wonder what their significant other is up to!). Scheduling the parties on the same weekend also means you won't have to give up two weekends because chances are you may need one of them to cross off a few tasks on your wedding "to do" list (it'll be crunch time, guaranteed!). And lastly, it also makes a lot of sense if most of your wedding party members will be traveling to the wedding from out of town; if that's the case, then schedule the (more low-key, of course) bachelor and bachelorette parties on Thursday night, followed by the rehearsal dinner on Friday night before the wedding on Saturday.

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