Two Bouquets, Two Budgets: Save vs. Splurge Wedding Flowers

Updated 01/20/15

Yasu + Junko

Nearly any engaged couple will tell you that they're looking for places to cut back on their budget that won't affect the style of their dream wedding. Luckily, there are places where you can scale back and still get a look you love that doesn't break the bank. One such category? Your bouquet! We challenged five top florists to create look-alike designs at two different prices, proving that gorgeous flowers don't have to set you back big time. Can you tell the splurge from the save?

Preppy Blues

"For a nautical look, mix blue flowers like delphiniums into a white bouquet. Or do less-expensive local tweedia and hydrangeas which add tons of volume for not a lot of cash," says Meredith Perez of Belle Fleur.

(Above, left) Splurge: Bouquet of delphiniums, café au lait dahlias, Keira garden roses, ranunculus, and sweet peas, $325, Belle Fleur; (Above, right) Save: Bouquet of hydrangeas, tweedia, Vendela roses, astilbes, sweet peas, and freesia, $200, Belle Fleur

Yasu + Junko

Vintage Reds

"A burgundy bouquet with grapes is perfect for wine-country vows. To cut costs, replace garden roses with lush, layered dahlias and carnations," says Brittany Asch of BRRCH.

(Above, left) Splurge: Bouquet of Gospel and Yves Piaget garden roses, chocolate cosmos, sarracenias, blushing bride proteas, spray roses, dahlias, wild grapes, and snowberries, $250, BRRCH; (Right) Save: Bouquet of dahlias, Gospel garden roses, hurricane carnations, chocolate cosmos, spray roses, wild grapes, and snowberries, $150, BRRCH

Yasu + Junko

Creamy Pastels

"Apricot garden roses and ranunculus create a romantic vibe. If they're out of your budget, carry a clutch with lots of super-ruffled soft-peach Falda lisianthuses instead," says Amy Gardella of Seaport Flowers.

(Above, left) Splurge: Bouquet of Juliet garden roses, ranunculus, Falda lisianthuses, snowberries, and Andromeda, $250, Seaport Flowers; (Right) Save: Bouquet of Falda lisianthuses, snowberries, and andromeda, $150, Seaport Flowers

Yasu + Junko

Soft Whites

"Nothing's more elegant than graphic white blooms with greenery. Black-eyed anemones are pricey, so consider subbing in nigellas and swapping out garden roses for standard ones," says Tassy de Give of Sprout Home.

(Above, left) Splurge: Bouquet of anemones, blushing bride proteas, Patience garden roses, majolica spray roses, lisianthuses, sweet peas, and Japanese andromeda, $250, Sprout Home; (Right) Save: Bouquet of snowball roses, nigellas, majolica, spray roses, and sweet peas, $150, Sprout Home

Yasu + Junko

Wild Brights

"Spring I do's are all about color. Try ranunculus for pops of fuchsia, or get the effect for less with Persian carpet zinnias. To cut costs further, skip statement stems like star-shaped gloriosa lilies imported from Japan," says Kathleen Hyppolite of Kat Flower.

(Above, left) Splurge: Bouquet of Japanese gloriosa lilies, parrot tulips, ranunculus, cosmos, and yarrow, $350, Kat Flower; (Right) Save: Bouquet of cosmos, Persian carpet zinnias, ranunculus, parrot tulips, and yarrow, Kat Flower

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