Why GMA's Sara Haines Gave Her Bridesmaids Free Rein with Their Dresses

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Meet our latest real bride blogger, Good Morning America anchor and ABC News correspondent Sara Haines! Whether it's how to throw a destination wedding from afar, picking a bridesmaid dress all of her 'maids will love or finding her dream wedding dress, Sara is taking us inside her wedding-planning process.

When the big day finally arrives, I will take my vows with my six bridesmaids (well, five bridesmaids and a bridesdude) standing beside me. My brother, seen below, is my man of honor, followed by my two sisters, and then three of my dearest friends including Erin, who's pictured above.

I've been on the other side of this "ask," and I know what an honor it is. But anyone who has stood up in a wedding knows that the question "what will we be wearing?" dances across your mind embarrassingly soon. In addition to having my brother, (who we decided early on would coordinate wardrobe with the groomsmen) three of the remaining five women have had babies in the past six months. Bridesmaids' dresses are tough enough, but post-pregnancy situations involve changing bodies and the insecurities that come with that.

Photo: Courtesy of Sara Haines

First of all, how many people you know could really all share the same dress? This isn't Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants folks! As a curvier woman, I am usually the one who can't quite fit into the dress. And regardless of the alterations, we all have such different bodies. As someone who is, ahem, well-endowed on the top (and bottom), I don't look great in certain styles. My bridesmaids range from 5'2'' to 5'10'' with clothing sizes that vary just as much.

Secondly, no matter how cute the dress is, what are the odds that these dresses will be worn again? I have had some pretty stylish bridesmaids get ups, but never found the right occasion to pull them out again. I typically donate them, so I know they are cherished and re-worn, but the economics of a one-time-wear doesn't exactly sit well with me.

Since we are getting married in the Bahamas, everyone is already paying for flights and hotels. I didn't want this special honor to come with another price tag in the form of a dress. So, in light of all these considerations, including the fact that I have three new mommies (who are blissfully happy with their new babies, but not as much with their changing bodies), I decided that we wouldn't do a coordinated dress for the group.

I simply asked that each of them wear a dress that will work with the beach setting — i.e. a solid colored dress (no prints) and lighter/nature inspired color (think turqoise, coral, etc.). Hopefully this removes the pressure of having to spend money on a one-time dress and gives them the flexibility to wear something they're comfortable in. Since they all live in different cities, I created a text-group where they are sending pictures and ideas back and forth, just in case they still want to coordinate a bit.

I have had a few people ask me whether I mind that the group may not match in the pictures. I really don't. Aside from laughing some day about our hair and clothing choices, it will always be the faces in those shots that matter most to Max and I.

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