We're Having a Same-Sex Wedding. Should We Have Separate Bachelor or Bachelorette Parties?

Updated 07/25/16

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There is so much excitement leading up to a wedding. From engagement parties and bridal showers to wedding cake tastings and bachelor and bachelorette parties, the hard work of planning a wedding is (thankfully) interspersed with lots of fun! Same-sex weddings are no exception, though there are definitely some details that are a little bit different. One such aspect that requires a little more thought? Whether to have separate or joint bachelor or bachelorette parties. Here's what our experts have to say about having the last fling(s) before the ring.

While bachelor parties are traditionally for the guys and bachelorette parties are usually for the girls, when both halves of the couple are the same sex, that division is a little less clear. Thankfully, coed bachelor/bachelorette parties are becoming more and more common — and are just as fun as the single-sex variety! So before you decide whether to have your big night out together or separately, know that who is on the guest list is 100% up to you.

When it comes to having one or two bachelor or bachelorette parties, consider the type of event each of you would enjoy. If you're both on board with a weekend of wine tasting and gourmet dinners, or would love to spend a day or two by the pool and nights on the Strip in Vegas, by all means celebrate together! This is also a great idea if you have a large number of mutual friends who would be invited to both celebrations (whether you're having a same-sex wedding or not!).

If your styles are a little different (one wants a relaxing spa getaway, while the other would love to go fishing on the lake or play a few rounds of golf), two separate bachelor or bachelorette parties might be a better idea. This way you can each enjoy activities you love with your close friends. No matter what you decide to do, throw the rules out the window and plan a bachelor or bachelorette party that you'll really remember and enjoy!

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