The 14 Best Lesbian Sex Positions of All Time

Our sexpert breaks down the best ways to get down

Updated 06/12/19


There is more than enough sex content for heterosexual couples on the internet; It’s time for all you same-sex couples to shine in the bedroom.

In honor of Pride Month, our sexpert Gigi Engle is helping lesbian couples spice things up in the bedroom with 14 of the best lesbian sex positions. Prepare to up the ante on your sex life, guaranteed.

The Gracious Lean

Have your partner lie on her back, propping her elbows underneath her to tilt her pelvis forward. Lean in on your hands and knees (or stomach) to go down on her. This makes for optimal clitoral action for her and easy access for you. You also can integrate toys easily into this position, since there’s little need to come up for air. #Blessed

Doggy Style

For the Sapphic queen who loves penetration (it’s not for everyone!), try doggy style. Grab your favorite strap-on and have your partner get on all fours, penetrating her from the back. We recommend a strap on with a front pocket. This way you can pop in a small vibrator for clitoral stimulation. Need recommendations? We love the SpareParts harness from Babeland.

The Down Below Zero

Your partner should lie back on the bed, with her butt at the edge. Have her lift her legs in the air, knees bent. Kneel or sit on the floor in front of her. This position is a freshened up look at the classic downtown positions. You also have great access to her butt, if she’s into anal stimulation—obviously, that’s a conversation to have beforehand.

The Seated Lean

Have your partner sit back against pillows or a headboard with her knees up and legs spread. On your knees, penetrate or stimulate her clitoris with your hand. Feel free to lean in. This is a great position for passionate kissing. You’ll also have prime access to each other’s breasts in this position for double-duty nipple stimulation.

The Pillow Princess

Calling all my Pillow Princesses! If your partner prefers to be waited on (don’t we all), stack a bunch of pillows against the headboard and have her lie back, sitting up. While you’re going down on her you get full access to her nipples while she gets a spectacular view. It’s a win-win all around (but especially for her, let’s be real). For extra lift and less back pain, stick a pillow under your chest.

The Recliner

Have your partner lie back with her elbows tucked underneath her. She should look like she’s reclining in a lounge chair. Have her spread her legs so you can rest in-between them, on all fours. Use a small vibrator (or G-spot wand) to stimulate her clitoris. With one hand free, you can either penetrate her or give her ample nipple action.

Legs Over Shoulders

Another great position for strap-on lovers, this position gives you both control and power. Have your partner lie on her back with her legs over your shoulders. Lean in to enter her, holding onto her calves for support. She can stimulate her clitoris manually, giving you the visuals and her the orgasms. This position can get tiring quickly so we suggest starting with it.

Back to Face

For a change of pace to the classic “going down” positions, try a back-to-face position. Have your partner get on all fours and go down on her from behind. This position gives you opportunity explore her clitoris from a new angle. The stimulation will be different than anything she’s experienced before.

Wall Press

Kneel in front of her partner while she stands, back against the wall. Have her place one foot on your shoulder while you go down on her. You can use your tongue, fingers, or a toy easily in this position. We find this one very dominating and sexy. It’s perfect for a change of roles. You can even hold her wrists at her side to kink it up a little bit.

Face to Face

Both you and your partner should sit facing each other, knees bent, and legs spread apart. Scoot forward to get better access to each other. Be sure you still have plenty of room between you. Use small vibrators on each other’s clitorises for a double-decker orgasmic experience.

Hanging Back

For a play on power dynamics and a sweet twist on oral sex, have your partner stand at the edge of the bed and lie on the bed, with your neck leaning off. (It's like when we were kids and would look at the world upside down ... only sexier.) Have your partner put their vulva into your face. This is a great position for longer oral sex sessions, as you can just lean and relax. It's also amazing for penetrating the vagina with your tongue. Creative!

Classic Missionary

Missionary, for all its heteronormative fame, is not just for heterosexual couples. In fact, it's an amazing position for deep penetration during strap-on sex. Have your partner mount your with your legs spread. Keep your knees bent and reach between them for access to your clitoris. If you want more passion and less intense thrusting, have your partner lie flat against you, with the strap on fully inserted into the vagina. This way you can kiss and feel the closeness of their body against yours.

The Headrest

Have your partner lie on their side and open their legs like a clam. (Yes, like the mat pilates position that makes your inner thighs burn, but this is actually enjoyable.) Rest your head on your partner's opened inner leg to get access to their clitoris with your mouth. You can also incorporate a G-spot wand for shallower penetration. Another bonus? Your partner has a lot of access to your head ... hair pulling, anyone?

Twisted scissor

Scissoring has a bad reputation due to porn and media's glorification of the (wrong) idea that this is the "only way lesbians have sex." While scissoring is definitely NOT the only way queer couples can get it on, it doesn't mean it isn't on the menu. For the "Twisted Scissor," have your partner lie opposite you, using the tops of your leg to grind their clitoris. Use the back of their leg, the one between your legs, to grind. It definitely gets the job done!

Gigi Engle is a certified sex coach, sexologist, educator, and writer living in Chicago. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter at @GigiEngle.

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