Samantha Cerio Walked Down the Aisle Despite Two Major Knee Injuries

She dislocated both of her knees during the NCAA Regional Semifinal in Baton Rouge.

Samantha Cerio, a 22-year-old gymnast from Auburn University, recently suffered a catastrophic injury: During a floor routine at an NCAA competition in Baton Rouge, she dislocated both of her knees and tore multiple ligaments in her legs—damage that has ended her athletic career. However, as tragic as it all was, nothing stopped her from walking down the aisle this week when she married her boyfriend Trey Wood in Alabama. In fact, Cerio didn't even skip out on dancing, showing she might be one of the strongest brides of all time.

In an interview USA Today Sports, Cerio explained that she had made it her goal to walk at her wedding without needing a walker or crutches. Achieving what she wanted and being "able to stand up on my own feet and able to walk around and walk down the aisle” made her wedding “a whole lot sweeter,” she told the publication. She also shared that her husband held back tears when he saw her making her way toward him during the ceremony.

“He’s like, ‘I saw you walking down the aisle, and I tried to not cry,’ ” she said.

On her Instagram, she posted several shots of the big day. She posed with her bridesmaids, who wore dark purple dresses, and goofed around with her husband after cutting her wedding cake. Photos some of her guests captured also show the first and father-daughter dances as well.

The video of Cerio hurting herself went viral, with many people on social media calling it one of the scariest sports-related accidents they'd ever seen. Cerio told that it actually hurt her to have the video shared so many times.

“When you see something like that, you kind of want to watch it just to see what happens, because you’re curious about it, but at the same time, you don’t think about the people that it could impact," she said.

However, people weren't dwelling on the video on her wedding day. They were focused strictly on the resilient bride, who was all smiles.

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