How Whitney Tingle Is Getting Gorgeous for Her Wedding

Via @whitneytingle on Instagram

Follow Whitney Tingle on Instagram (@whitneytingle) and you’ll be instantly inspired, and maybe a tad envious, of her always glowing skin (filter or no filter), delicious, avocado-filled salads, and seemingly carefree attitude. Six years ago, the former New York City financier traded in her suits for white bohemian dresses and co-founded Sakara Life, the organic, plant-based food delivery service that has a cult following with celebrities like Lily Aldridge and Kate Hudson. When we found out Tingle was engaged—she’s getting married in June in Tel Aviv—we shamelessly grilled her about how she’s prepping for her wedding.

On Her Eating Habits

I eat Sakara Life meals regularly, but we just launched Sakara Life Level II: Detox, which is more intense than our regular Sakara program, so I’m doing that. It cuts out all grains and sugars—it’s completely anti-inflammatory and really great for resetting your hormones. It has one full day of soups, which is really soothing for your body, and it comes with probiotics and medical-grade supplements to help heal your gut. Before I got engaged, I would eat Sakara Life for breakfast and lunch, and then I’d go out to dinner with friends, but now I’m sticking to all Sakara Life. We actually have a new 20-day bridal program that contains detox and skin-nourishing waters, along with breakfast, lunch, and dinner delivered to you, because when I got engaged, I wanted to do something like that for myself. So we made it!

On Her Bridal Skincare Philosophy

I had cystic acne growing up, and so skincare is on my mind all of the time. I tried every skin cream, but the thing that helped the most was changing what I ate—lots of leafy greens, water-rich foods, and healthy fats. So in that vein, I’ve been eating our Beauty Chocolates, which contain ceramides to keep the moisture and hydration in your skin—it’s anti-aging from the inside. And then I also take probiotics—they contain good bacteria to keep your digestive system running smoothly. Everyone should take them daily; they’re one of the keys to having clear skin.

I do love the True Botanical line; it’s completely organic. I’m using their Cellular Repair Serum—it helps plump your skin and make it glow—and the Pure Radiance Oil. Also, I’m really into baths right now. You always hear about how Egyptian royalty took baths, and the French take baths, but in our culture, everyone just jumps in the shower. So when I have the time, I’ve been taking baths with Pursoma Bath Soak with French Clay, and it makes my skin feel incredible.

On Her In-Office Treatments

I just started doing a series of facials at Skin Laundry. One of my girlfriends recommended it, and now it’s been a weekly ritual that we do together. I’ve been looking into a few other dermatologists, too, to incorporate different facials and lasers into my regimen. We’ll see.

On Her Wedding-Makeup Look

Carmindy, from What Not To Wear, is going to do my makeup. Her whole philosophy is about enhancing your natural beauty. She’s not one to do any real type of heavy contouring or anything, but she knows exactly where to highlight to enhance your natural glow. One secret she told me was to put a bit of highlighter on top of your lip, and that will make your lips look fuller.

On Her Fitness Regimen

I do Pilates, and I just started doing yoga with a new company called Caravan. Right now they’re doing everything via email—it’s an underground wellness company; they haven’t launched formally yet, but they’re putting up a new Website soon. They come to your apartment for workouts. My fiancée does it with me, too. It’s not just a great thing for my body, but it’s also really good for managing stress levels, and it has become a fun bonding experience with my fiancé. Planning a wedding can be really stressful, and having that time together is really beneficial.

On Managing Wedding Stress

Yoga is my main wellness ritual, but I try to regularly practice gratitude; I think especially when you’re a bride and you’re getting ready for these wedding events, you can get overwhelmed with the pressure of wanting everything to be perfect. In the end, though, you have to remember what it’s all about. So I try to remember each day what I’m thankful for.

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