6 Creative Wood Place Card Ideas

Updated 07/13/15

Amanda K

Place cards don't just help guests locate their seats at the reception table; they can be creative ways to complement the wedding setting and overall decor. Need some ideas? Check out these six rustic place-card ideas all incorporating cut wood — perfect if you're having an outdoor or woodland-themed wedding.

Calligraphed Wood Slices (above): This bride's father chopped tree branches into small slices, then the bride calligraphed each guest's name onto a slab and displayed it at their place setting.

Split-Log Place-Card Holder: Another idea would be to slice small logs in half to serve as freestanding place-card and table-number holders.

Wood Blocks: For a more modern idea, hammer the place card onto a wooden block—such a crisp and unexpected idea.

Photo: Megan Welk

Wood Slice Place-Card Holder: Use a small drill bit to make a hole in a cut log, then insert a wire card holder (the holder can also double as a take-home wedding favor!).

Photo: Wai Reyes

Sliced Log: Another simple idea would be to make a slit into a log slice and insert the place card.

Branches: For an easy DIY idea, glue together two small branches or twigs to create a card holder.

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