RuPaul and His Partner Got Secretly Married for the Most Practical Reason Ever

And We Are Dying to Know What He Wore

Updated 03/15/17

David Livingston/Getty Images

When you hear the words RuPaul and secret wedding together in the same sentence, you know the results are going to be nothing short of fabulous.

In what we can only imagine was the best party ever (...our invites must have gotten lost in the mail), the RuPaul's Drag Race Star wed his longtime boyfriend, Georges, in a secret ceremony in January and kept things hush-hush until his appearance on Hollywood Today Live.

"Are you two ever going to get married?" asked host Ross Matthews after listening to RuPaul gush about what a "great guy" Georges is. "I've never said this on television before—we are married," the star admitted to a shocked audience, who responded with cheers.

The couple have been together since 1994. They met on the dance floor at the Limelight in NYC on Georges' birthday and got married in January of this year on the 23rd anniversary of that night.

So what got them down the aisle after all this time? "Tax breaks and financial reasons," said RuPaul. Not the most romantic reason we've ever heard for tying the knot—but important nonetheless.

The couple have always tried to keep their relationship out of the public eye as much as possible, so it's no surprise that they'd choose to wed quietly and avoid the paparazzi. We do know that they like vacationing in Maui and New York City and that Georges owns a ranch so big, it's in two states, but that's pretty much all the info we have on the newly married pair.

There haven't been any further details revealed about the wedding beyond the initial announcement, so we officially have free rein to imagine what, exactly, a RuPaul wedding might look like—it could be anything from a small, family-only ceremony at Georges' ranch in Wyoming or a huge, over-the-top ballroom affair with former Drag Race contestants lining the aisle (personally, I'm hoping for the latter).

Watch the entire interview (which includes RuPaul gushing about his new husband) below.

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