The Rules of Rocking a Flower Crown on Your Wedding Day

Rebekah Westover Photography

At this point it's pretty much safe to say that the floral crown trend is here to stay (yay!). A beautiful option for a woodland wedding, a garden party, a whimsical fête, or any romantic theme you can dream up really; flower crowns add an ethereal touch to a bride's big-day look. Whether you're having a bohemian black tie-affair or a modern wedding with an oceanside view, we're here to help you nail the look.

From expert tips to sage advice, here's everything you need to know about choosing a floral crown that complements you, your style, and your wedding theme.

Get the Placement Right

While a floral crown may look gorgeous pulled completely across the forehead of one bride, it could be even more stunning set further back on another. "Everyone has different hair and proportions," explains Rawan Rihani, founder and owner of NYC-based floral design studio Aurora Botanica. This is why she always tells people to get in front of a mirror, take their crown (doesn't necessarily have to be the one they wear on their wedding day as long as it's similar) and start by putting it a few inches behind the hairline. "Then simply move it back and forth until you find the place that it feels right."

Make Sure It Works With Your Overall Story

Just like a fashion photo shoot has a story, so will your wedding. That means everything, including your floral crown, should look like it goes together seamlessly. Event designer and florist Amy Osaba advises sticking with shades that work well with your overall color scheme, as well as your own skin coloring. "If a bride has a really bright wedding then she may want to tone the crown back a little bit." On the other hand, if big and bold is so you, feel free to throw out that rule.

Choose Flowers That Won't Wilt Stat

Unfortunately, not all fresh flowers can stand the test of time. Some blooms that have a super short lifespan are poppies, sweet peas, and the lily of the valley, all of which you'll want to avoid, says Osaba. "Smaller flowers like ranunculus are good and last for a long time out of water. Spray roses and things that are hardy, such as wax flowers, jasmine, and spirea, are great choices, too." Greenery crowns can definitely go the distance and berries last and look pretty as an accent.

Consider the Climate

Getting hitched on a hot summer day? Then the flowers in your crown will wilt a whole lot faster than they would in a cooler climate. In this case, having two crowns is an absolute must. You can also opt for a silk floral crown, which can be worn forever and is a hand-dyed piece of art, notes Rihani.

Learn How to Preserve It

Or, again, consider having your florist make you two crowns to wear. "If you wear one all day long it will likely look gross by the end of the evening," warns Osaba. "There's a spray called Crowning Glory you can find at any floral supply store (or a place like Michaels) to help your flowers stay fresh longer. Don't squirt it while the crown is on your head though!" In terms of storage, she suggests placing your crown in the fridge on a plate with a paper towel underneath and on top of it to keep it moist until you're ready to put it on.

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