Survive Your Bachelorette Party Regret-Free: 4 Rules to Follow

Christina McNeill

The No. 1 rule to any bachelorette party is simply "have fun." But too much of a good thing can lead you to remorse the next morning. So before you embark on this big party, here are four rules to follow to keep the fun factor high and the regrets non-existent.

Rule 1: Drink your body weight in water.

Not really, but repeat after us: For every alcoholic beverage you drink, sip an 8-ounce glass of H2O. Not only will this plan keep you pace your drink intake, but it will also keep morning headaches at bay and you hydrated and refreshed for whatever you must attend the next day, whether that's your rehearsal dinner or the big day itself.

Rule 2: The closer the party is to your wedding, the tamer it must be.

Speaking of the next day, plan accordingly. If you plan to party the night before your wedding, perhaps your girls' night out is best spent at the spa. Because while staying hydrated may keep you fresh the following day, nothing can replace lost Zs. And no bride wants to nod off at her reception!

Rule 3: Do not allow yourself to be tagged in photos.

This epic adventure must be documented — but the evidence should not end up on social media. Institute a "no tagging" rule, in which all your bridesmaids agree that extreme images will only be shared privately and not on Facebook for your wedding guests and grandmother to see.

Rule 4: Go phone free.

Alcohol and adrenaline-fueled adventures don't necessarily lead to smart decisions — and with an easily-accessible cell, you could be tempted to call your fiancé every five minutes with the evening's play-by-play. It's better to leave your phone at home or, if you must take it, in the hands of a trustworthy and responsible friend.

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