Meghan Markle–Inspired Royal Wedding Nail Art Is Here

It was only a matter of time

Updated 05/23/18

Owen Humphries/WPA Pool/Getty Images

There are a million ways to honor Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's royal wedding at your own nuptials. You can re-create Markle's messy-bun bridal hairstyle. You can ask the favorite kiddos in your life to walk you down the aisle. You can even suffer through last-minute family drama, if you really want to feel close to the new duchess. And now, thanks to Instagram, you can also wear royal wedding–themed nail art.

Nail artist @nail_sunny took inspiration from the royal wedding for her latest viral creation, a 3-D rendering of a mini Meghan and tiny Harry that spans two fingers. The shrunken bride and groom come complete with a lace veil, a bouquet, and texturized version of Harry's epaulets. Their painted-on faces don't exactly express the joy the two radiated on the big day, but nonetheless, it's quite clear who she's trying to depict. She set the whole thing on a robin's-egg-blue background that Queen Elizabeth certainly would not approve of.

In the video on her Instagram feed, @nail_sunny shows exactly how she created the art with extra-long acrylic nails, sculpting clay, and a nail brush to carve out the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

If a lifelike rendering of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle doesn't quite fit with the dress code for your wedding, we suggest opting for royal-approved nail shades instead. It's well-documented that Queen Elizabeth prefers the cult favorite polish Essie Ballet Slippers. In fact, she likes it so much that it's the only nail polish she's worn for 28 years. On her wedding day, Kate Middleton wore Essie Allure, a polish inspired by and created for the magazine.

For her own wedding-day manicure, Markle wore a neutral pink nail polish that's just slightly more colorful than the queen's fave. Of course, it's your wedding day—we won't judge you if you decide to wear clay royals on your fingers. Queen Elizabeth, however, just might.

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