Royal Wedding Live: Doria Ragland's Mother of the Bride Dress

Pillbox hats, FTW

Updated 05/19/18

Getty Images

Doria Ragland may not be walking her daughter, Meghan Markle, down the aisle at the royal wedding, but she definitely brought her A-game in the outfit department.

Ragland pulled up to St. George's Chapel with her daughter in a black rolls royce just before 7 a.m. EST. She stepped out of the car in a long, mint green coat with floral detailing atop a matching dress, custom made by Oscar de la Renta. In true British fashion (no pun intended), she finished the look with a pillbox hat. Her hair was pulled back, and she wore a simple gold necklace around her neck.

On May 15th, Ragland was spotted leaving her home in Los Angeles with a Burberry garment bag, which had many people speculating that she would be wearing a look from the iconic British fashion house to watch her daughter be inducted into British royalty. However, it was the house of Oscar de la Renta who got the honor this AM.

Doria Ragland has had a big week of family meet-and-greets since touching down in London on Wednesday. On Thursday, she had tea with Prince Harry's father, Prince Charles, and Camila Bowles, and later in the week had tea with the queen.

The other royal wedding matriarchs were also far from disappointing in their royal wedding looks. Queen Elizabeth arrived shortly after Ragland in a lime green suit and matching hat adorned with a purple flower, staying true to her love for bright clothing. And Camila Bowles, Prince Harry and Prince William's stepmother, wore a bright pink suit with a large matching hat. Safe to say everyone has the whole "royal wedding style" thing down pat.

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