Royal Wedding by the Numbers: 10 Jaw-Dropping Facts and Figures from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Ceremony

Just when you thought royal wedding fever had died down..

Updated 05/21/18

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While the royal wedding sadly may be over, the excitement surrounding Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's ceremony has yet to die down, even two days later. After months of anticipation leading up to the pair's holiday-worthy wedding day, everyone in the U.S. still can't stop talking about the royal bride's stunning minimalist wedding dresses, updos, and makeup look. Not to mention we're all still swooning over Harry's first few words to his bride after she walked down the aisle.

Thankfully, we won't have to wait too much longer for another wedding of royal proportions across the pond (shout out to Princess Eugenie). But because we refuse to stop marveling in all the royal wedding gloriousness just yet, we rounded up a few noteworthy stats from the big day to curb your Harry and Meghan fix (err, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex). From the number of viewers to the amount of social media posts related to the wedding, prepare to have your mind blown by these surprising digits.

29.2 Million

If you set your alarm bright and early to tune into the royal wedding, you were among one of over 29 million television viewers, just in the United States alone. According to ratings from Nielsen Media, 15 networks broadcast the ceremony live, and these viewing numbers will likely increase further once cable ratings are factored in.

18 Million

Across the pond, 18 million people in the U.K. viewed Harry and Meghan's nuptials. Overall, fewer people watched Meghan and Harry's vows compared to Will and Kate's 2011 royal wedding, which toted about 23 million U.S. viewers and upwards of 24 million viewers in the U.K.

6.9 Million

Let's get social—Nielsen Social reports that the wedding generated 6.9 million interactions across both Facebook and Twitter. Royal wedding viewers shared 3.4 million tweets alone, with Bishop Michael Curry’s sermon receiving the most attention—according to Express, this portion of the ceremony saw 40,000 tweets per minute.


This refers to the number of organic eggs from Suffolk that went into making Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding cake, which was designed by pastry chef Claire Ptak of the London-based Violet Bakery. Kensington Palace revealed the entire ingredients list via Twitter prior to the wedding, which also included 200 Amalfi lemons (good luck to anyone trying to bake this at home).


Following the wedding ceremony, more than 100,000 well wishers congregated along the streets of Windsor to watch the newlyweds' carriage procession. The crowd of fans attracted quite a distinct range of costumes and decorations.


Aside from the couple's estimated 600 wedding guests invited to attend the ceremony, Harry and Meghan also requested the presence of 2,640 members of the public to witness the wedding and carriage procession from the grounds of Windsor Castle. These lucky guests were carefully chosen, with percentages of the crowd coming from members of the Royal Households and Crown Estate, students from two nearby schools, and members of charities and organizations that are important to the couple.


Meghan's veil was much more than just pretty to look at—it subtly paid tribute to all 53 countries within the Commonwealth, according to a Kensington Palace statement. Designer Clare Waight Keller of Givenchy, who also created the bride's dress, represented each nation with a specific flower silhouette hand-embroidered onto the veil. Fun fact: the team behind the veil had to wash their hands every 30 minutes while creating the accessory to preserve the tulle and threads.

45 Million

Although the numbers haven't been tallied yet, this royal wedding was estimated to rack up a £31,969,873 price tag (about $45,520,303), according to the British wedding planning website Bridebook.

12 Million (and Counting)

Kensington Palace shared a total of 16 photos and videos to Instagram the day of wedding, which have so far added up to over 12 million likes. Photos of the pair exiting the church, Meghan giving the crowd a wave from the carriage ride, and the duo sitting in their getaway car received the most engagement.

60 Million

Speaking of Instagram, the social media platform reported that 60 million users worldwide shared, liked, and commented on royal wedding content May 19. Over a million posts and 660,000 stories were created that directly related to the wedding, and 250,000 of users' Instagram stories made use of the app's crown sticker.

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