Royal Photographer Chris Jackson Shares His Favorite Photo of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to Date

But how could you possibly choose one?? ?

Updated 10/08/18

Chris Jackson

From their PDA-filled, ever-adorable public debut at last year's Invictus Games to their famed royal wedding, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have provided plenty of photo ops for us to fangirl over since kicking off their relationship. While the pair's thousands of jealousy-inducing photos are largely a result of their candid chemistry, we do owe a handful of royal photographers a big one for perfectly capturing said moments between the crazy-in-love couple. In fact, one specific man behind the lens, who has shot photos of the royal family for more than 10 years, is opening up about his all-time favorite picture of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex (how anyone narrowed it down to just one is beyond our comprehension).

As a photographer for Getty Images, Chris Jackson has closely documented the royal duo's outings for the past year, making him the go-to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle photo expert. Because of this, Insider recently asked Jackson to pinpoint his favorite snapshot he's ever captured of the two (and it's surprisingly not from their wedding day).

The winner is....the below photo, which Jackson shot just last week during Meghan and Harry's official visit to Sussex. The two are seen holding hands and smiling while attending the Joff Youth Centre in Peacehaven, Sussex on October 3.

Chris Jackson

"Having photographed Prince Harry for so many years as a solo royal, it's been great to capture him with the duchess, two people who clearly share similar passions and are so relaxed and happy together," Jackson told Insider. "I actually took my favorite photograph of the pair during a visit to Sussex [Wednesday]—a lovely interaction as they held hands and burst into laughter during a visit to a youth project." BRB, getting this framed.

Jackson could also attest to Meghan's incredibly apparent photogenic demeanor (as if we weren't already well aware).

"The Duchess of Sussex has really introduced an exciting new dynamic to the royal family," he said. "Right from her first official appearance at the Invictus Games in Toronto, she has been relaxed and natural on camera."

And, when it comes to shots of the royal family in general, Jackson prefers capturing natural, unposed snippets, citing the below photo of Meghan giggling with Camilla Parker Bowles at Prince Charles' 70th birthday celebration as another favorite memory.

Chris Jackson

Whatever your own personal favorite picture of Harry and Meghan may be, Jackson is the real MVP for preserving their many wonderful interactions with one another.

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