Sweet and Easy Romantic Gestures That Show Your Spouse You Care

It's time for some spousal appreciation, y'all!

Updated 04/16/17

Photo by O'Malley Photographers

Sure, you and your spouse know you love each other. (You did exchange those vows, after all!) But knowing it and showing how you feel are two totally different things, and sometimes a little appreciation and gratitude can make a world of difference, whether you've been busy at work and have barely seen each other or you're going through a tough time. Here are four sweet and easy romantic gestures that will show your spouse appreciation and gratitude, guaranteed to bring you a little bit closer.

Say "Please" and "Thank You"

You see each other all the time, and it can be easy to forget to ask nicely sometimes. Make sure to say "please," whether it's "Please pass the remote" or "Could you please call to change our car insurance?"—and always say "thank you" when your spouse does something for you, no matter how small.

Listen Closely

When you're having a conversation, put down your phone and actually listen to what your spouse has to say. The greatest gift you can give someone is your attention, and doing so for your spouse will show that you appreciate when he or she has something to say.

Give Him or Her a Hug

It's not all about gifts and flowers. Sometimes a simple hug is enough to show how you feel and can often stand alone if words escape you. Hug (and kiss and hold hands) often, as these small romantic gestures can do wonders for bringing you together!

Be Considerate

More than just turning down the music if he or she is on the phone or helping carry the groceries, really consider your spouse. When you're making a big decision, thinking about a big purchase, or just choosing what to make for dinner, keep your spouse's wants, needs, and preferences in mind. It doesn't mean you need to always do what's best for him or her, but even when you're putting yourself first, be aware of how your actions and choices may affect your spouse.

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