Owl Ring Bearer Ruffles Some Feathers by Attacking Groomsman

This wedding was a real hoot

Updated 03/27/18

David Tipling/Getty Images

Let this be a lesson to all bird fanatics out there: No matter how well-trained it is, if a bird of prey sees something it wants, it will go after it—even if that something is a groomsman at the wedding where the bird of prey in question is acting as ring bearer.

According to the BBC, British couple Jeni Arrowsmith and Mark Wood learned this vital lesson the hard way. The outlet reports that, at the couple's wedding in Tarporley, Cheshire, on March 17, the owl they had appointed ring bearer went rogue after making its way down the aisle, ambushing an unsuspecting member of the wedding party who, of course, happened to be afraid of birds.

In a video shared by the BBC, though the owl seems reluctant to fly from the back of the church to the best man's waiting arm at the front, it does eventually spread its wings and soar down the aisle to allow the best man to retrieve the rings from a satchel attached to its ankle. Soon after, the owl, apparently uncomfortable with all the attention, appears restless; when one of the groomsman seated in the front row of the church raises his ungloved arm, either to point in amusement at the unorthodox ring bearer or to shield his face from the antsy bird, it flies directly to him, causing the ornithophobic groomsman to knock over a chair and dive across the rest of the bridal party as his Hitchcockian nightmares come true.

"It was one of those moments I'll never forget," Stacy Oliver, the wedding's photographer, told the BBC. "The owl sees it as a sign to fly to the hand. The owl has just dived in and hit the guy—who is terrified of birds. [He] fell off his chair." Oliver, who captured the exact moment of attack with her camera, added, "I just instantly knew what was going to happen, I could see it was going to happen."

Luckily, the bride and groom didn't let a little fowl play ruin their big day. "I was chuckling that much inside that my stomach was hurting. Everyone was absolutely hysterical," Arrowsmith told the BBC, noting that the laughing attendees had to be told to calm down by the wedding officiant before the ceremony could continue. "It made the wedding because we were all talking about it all night."

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