10 Cute & Clever Alternatives to the Rice Toss

Updated 06/23/14
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Traditionally, tossing rice during the wedding ceremony symbolizes the showering of abundance and fertility on the bride and groom. But these days, many couples are putting their own unique stamp on the tradition, opting for confetti, pom-poms, or even beach balls to kick off their married life. Here are 10 creative takes on the tradition — choose your favorite, and then get your guests to send you and your groom off once you're pronounced husband and wife.

Mini Beach Balls (above): If you're getting married on the beach, give your guests mini beach balls to toss as you recess up the aisle. Plus, they're colorful, inexpensive, and super-easy to clean up. You can purchase mini beach balls here.

Photo: Landon Jacob

Sequins: Add some sparkle to your ceremony by giving pouches full of shiny sequins to your guests. Or, for something more colorful, you could opt for confetti, instead.

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Pom-Poms: Arts-and-crafts pom-poms are an inexpensive and whimsical (not to mention soft!) tossing idea.

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Tambourines: Encourage your guests to make some noise by placing tambourines at every seat. This couple had the tambourines screen-printed with the their monogram and wedding date.

Maracas: Or, give everyone colorful maracas and transform the end of the ceremony into a vibrant fiesta. You can buy similar maracas here.

Birdseed: For a more eco-friendly take on the recessional toss, DIY some small envelopes and fill them with birdseed for all your guests.

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Lavender: Fragrant lavender packaged in muslin bags would be a sweet-smelling send-off.

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Photo: Corbin Gurkin

Paper Airplanes: Folded paper airplanes are a clever way to congratulate a couple that loves to travel. Just remind guests to toss them gently!

Ribbon Wands: Tie lengths of satin ribbon in your wedding colors onto wooden dowels for guests to wave as you exit the ceremony.

Umbrellas: Have guests hold colorful umbrellas or pretty parasols up high to create a colorful rooftop for you and your new hubby to walk under.

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