Who Should Be Invited to the Rehearsal Dinner at a Destination Wedding?

Updated 05/23/15

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A destination wedding can be a wonderful excuse for guests to enjoy a much-needed vacation while celebrating their favorite newlyweds, but the logistics of a far-flung affair are always a challenge. But are the bride and groom expected to host a rehearsal dinner for their entire guest list? Our etiquette experts weigh in on the dos and don'ts of a destination wedding rehearsal dinner.

If your guests have agreed to travel a significant distance to join in the festivities, they will likely expect to be included in each stage of the wedding from rehearsal dinner to Sunday brunch — and as their host, it is your job to be as accommodating as possible. Travel isn't inexpensive, and your guests' choice to be a part of your destination wedding is a greater gift than any gravy boat or salt shaker from your registry. Remember that your guests have taken planes, trains, and automobiles to this location specifically to see you and your fiancé tie the knot. Make your attendees' trip worth their while and plan on inviting all of your guests to the rehearsal dinner.

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If the cost of such a large dinner is an obstacle, try to find an inexpensive venue large enough to accommodate your guests where you can host a more casual, family-style meal instead of selecting an expensive restaurant. If the season is warm enough for an outdoor dinner, you may even wish to host an al fresco spread with local cuisine and refreshments. No matter what your budgetary or logistical constraints, make sure to create a welcoming and pleasurable experience for each of your guests.

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