All the Registry Items You Need to Throw Your First Dinner Party

It's time to ditch the chipped, mismatched plates you've been hanging onto since college.

First Dinner Party

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If we're being honest, throwing your first dinner party as a newly married couple is essentially the same as throwing it before you were married, but you have the added benefit of getting to use all your fun new gifts from your wedding registry! Meaning, never have you ever had so many pretty serving bowls and platters to choose from (believe us, you'll get more large bowls than you know what to do with). Plus, your friends will be thoroughly impressed that you guys finally ditched the large joint collection of chipped, mismatched plates you've been hanging onto since college in lieu of (gasp!) matching dinnerware!

Here's pretty much everything you need to throw your first dinner party, copious amounts of wine and cheese not included.

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Chic Serving Board
The first rule of dinner parties: You do not talk about dinner parties. Just kidding, the first rule is you have to have a beautiful board on which to serve cheese, crackers, fig jam, etc. This one is marble and copper or gold, and couldn't be chicer. In case it's a little on the heavy side (because, yes, marble is heavy) just make sure you station it in a central location that's convenient for everyone, and also not in the path of any pups that may be scavenging for food. (Marble and metal serving board, $130-$150, Food 52)

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Flatware Fit for Adults
Flatware is yet another must-have that doesn't seem like the sexiest thing to register for, but yet again the chances that you have "adult" forks and knives is probably pretty slim, so just bite the bullet and add it to your list. And you might as well get some that are modern and streamlined like these, from Crate + Barrel to further impress your guests (clunky silverware be gone!). ("Mirror" 5-piece placesetting, $47.96, Aero available at Crate & Barrel)

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Versatile Serving Bowls
Like we said, you're going to get more serving bowls than you can shake a stick at, so make sure they're quality, and versatile. We love this large everything bowl from R.Woods Studio (we actually love everything R.Woods) — it's handmade and sturdy, beautiful, and comes in so many colors you can get a few for different seasons. Perfect for pasta, salad, even eggnog if you're throwing a holiday party. (Large everything bowl in Surf, $95, R. Woods Studio)

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Stemmed Wine Glasses
The chances are, you're probably going to be serving wine at said 1st dinner party, and mason jars and solo cups are probably not the best way to enjoy it. These elegant stemmed wine glasses are delicate and classic, complimentary to any style of table you're setting. Plus, they're a good price point, just in case any of your guests have a glass or two too many. ("Savoy" red wine glasses, $64, Jung Lee)

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Courtesy of ABC Home and West Elm

Statement-Making Plates
White dinnerware is so passé! Ok, we still love a white plate, but for the purposes of this story, we had to show these gorgeous luminous beauties. The perfect shade of nude/peachy blush with an iridescent glaze and the most delicate design! If this isn't quite your price-point or style, we also love these equally modern plates from West Elm (gold rim= so many heart eye emojis). ("Shimmer" dinnerware, starting at $88, Christiane Perrochon available at ABC Home; Metallic rimmed organic shaped dinnerware, starting at $8, West Elm)

Courtesy of Food52

Substantial Serving Utensils
That beautiful serving bowl won't be of much use if you don't have anything to with which to dole out the food that's in it! Pure brass and fancy enough for both special occasions and everyday use, these servers will last you forever — so do yourself a favor and toss that cheap plastic pair that aren't nearly pretty enough to put on your table. (Pure brass serving spoon set, $75, Food52)

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Non-Paper Napkins
Sorry, you're not allowed to use paper towels at your first dinner party. A nice simple linen with a solid border can be added to the most rustic table to the most glam table without question. We love the mauve, but in you're your partner isn't so hopped up on this particular shade, try one of the other 4 colors Bodrum offers (the tan is super pretty too!) ("Orta" napkin, $129 for a set of 6, Bodrum Linens available at Zola)

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