Rebel Wilson Once Skipped a Friend's Wedding Because She Didn't Know Where to Get a Dress in Her Size

"Now it is the opposite."

Updated 09/24/19

Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

Rebel Wilson is an actress known for her hilarious comedic timing and her unique personal style. But when it comes to fashion, she hasn't always been as confident as she is today.

In a new interview with InStyle, Wilson talks about how she once missed out on a friend's wedding due to fashion constrictions. "I remember I didn’t even go to a friend’s wedding in my 20s because I didn’t know where to buy a dress in my size," she recalls. "Now it is the opposite. Now I have a wardrobe full of custom Givenchy."

Wilson says her career has made her rethink her fashion choices, but also taught her so much. "I’ll put it this way—I never got anywhere because of my looks. I got places because I had a good brain and a good imagination," she says. "Only since moving to the States was I like, 'People pay attention to what I wear. I should try to class it up a little bit.' I like being comfortable, and I come from a family where people didn’t really care what you looked like. They didn’t judge you on that."

"I’ve kind of grown into my looks. Or maybe I’m just taking a bit more pride in my appearance now, which I think is a positive thing because I was too far the other way before."

She says she's learned lot of tips and tricks from her stylist, Elizabeth Stewart, so that now at 39, she's more comfortable when she has to dress up. "I know what I’m talking about now," Wilson says. "So I find that I impart a lot of my knowledge, especially to plus-size girls...So I do know how to dress for all occasions now, but I still haven’t mastered blow-drying my own hair."

In fact, Wilson's even launching a line of clothing and shoes in future, she says. We can't wait to see it—hopefully there will be lots of wedding guest dress options.

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