6 Reasons to Take a Pre-Wedding Vacation With Your Fiancé

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Taking a honeymoon has been a common part of getting married for hundreds of years. But, the idea of vacationing as a couple before the wedding is a relatively new trend. "Some call it a mini-moon and some just call it a vacation, but either way, we are in favor of this retreat before the big day for many reasons," says Jennifer Stuart of Explorateur Travel. Here are six good excuses to take time as a twosome before you dive into the fanfare surrounding the big day.

1. To Hit the Reset Button on Romance

It's no surprise that the ginormous task of wedding planning can take a toll on your romantic life as a couple. Nights and weekends that were once spent enjoying candlelit dinners or frolicking around your neighborhood are now taken up with appointments and endless decision-making. "It can be easy to temporarily forget about romance while deciding between crudités and passed hors d'oeuvres or buffet vs. plated dinners," Stuart says. So use this as the best excuse to take yourselves back to the frame of mind where it all began—simply enjoying each other's company.

2. To Cool Off

While you might want to rev your engines for one another, it's also important to chill out and kick back while getting some time away from your bridesmaids, groomsmen, families, work, and so on, says Stuart. Forget the frustrations you've been dealing with up until this point. De-stressing and escaping any family drama is key, says custom luxury travel and lifestyle experience expert Chloe Johnston. So sip a glass of wine or step into the spa and cool off for a minute.

3. As Practice for the Honeymoon

Whether or not you've already traveled far and wide with your soon-to-be-spouse, a short trip before the wedding will help you determine your individual or joint preferences when it comes to jet-setting. Think of it as practice or a dry run for the honeymoon, Stuart says. Do you like to plan every meal and tour ahead of time, or leave space for being spontaneous? Sleep in or get up early to beat the crowds? Figuring this out on a pre-trip will help you plan your perfect itinerary for the honeymoon itself.

4. For Some Rare One-On-One Time Close to Saying "I Do"

This is especially true for couples who aren't planning to get away immediately following their wedding, or for those who have a destination wedding and find themselves surrounded by family and friends 24/7 the week before or after the event. "You have your wedding somewhere lovely that not everyone lives, so once they're all together they want to stick around!" jokes Rachel Jo Silver of Love Stories TV. And it happened to her. "Since all my nearest and dearest were in town I didn't want to leave them all to jet off on a honeymoon. It would have been smart for my husband and me to take a little mini-vacay, just the two of us, a week or two before the event to catch up, slow down, and gear up for the big event."

5. To Discuss Last-Minute Details

Chatting about guest favors and RSVPs at the end of a long day at the office isn't all that appealing. But talking last-minute details over poolside cocktails or during a relaxing stroll on the beach is an entirely different experience. Getting away from it all will help you focus, so you can nail down any pending items and then get back to enjoying yourselves, says Stuart.

6. To Soak up the Final Moments of Being Engaged

Whether you're engaged for a few months or a couple of years, the time you get to call each other fiancé will go by in the blink of an eye. "It can all happen so, so quickly. The proposal, the engagement, the ceremony. Take a minute to enjoy being engaged! That shiny, bright, and new feeling is so precious and important to creating a foundation for a hopeful marriage," Stuart says. Taking a mini-vacation is a chance to revel in the engagement and also get excited for all that's to come—especially the wedding!

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