5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Man of Honor

It's time to call up your best guy friend and pop an important question.

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Photo by Chi-Chi Ari

When it comes to choosing who you want to have standing next to you on your big day, it's all up to you—which ultimately comes with a few careful considerations. Historically, the bridal party and the groomsmen were gender-based (as were the maid of honor and the best man). But as more and more couples are breaking tradition and making their own rules at their weddings, the reality is that gender just doesn't matter when it comes to asking your loved ones to be in your wedding party.

Having a man of honor—a male who holds the role traditionally called "maid of honor"—is an option every bride should consider. Whether in lieu of or in conjunction with a maid of honor, this role can be crucial, especially if your best pal and confidante are male. It's all about choosing who will make you feel good on the most important day of your life.

Plus, there may be a few great benefits to having a male's perspective throughout the planning process. Read on for six reasons why we think you should call up your best guy for the gig.

1. It's Unconventional in the Best Way

Guests will be pleasantly surprised to see an unconventional spin on your bridal party, and it’ll make for some fun photo opportunities as well. In addition, not all brides want to partake in traditions such as bridal showers. If you’re ditching tradition, it’s safe to say that you might not need help in the form of the traditional maid of honor duties. Sometimes it’s nice to have a man of honor who will be equally laissez-faire throughout the planning process.

2. You Can Have Both a Man of Honor and a Maid of Honor

Who says you have to choose? Just as some brides have both a maid of honor and a matron of honor, you may opt to have both a man of honor and a maid of honor. Double the fun (and double the wedding help), right? Cheers to that!

3. Imagine the Bachelorette Party He’d Throw

Whether or not the man of honor has strong opinions about flowers or stationery, he very well may have the knack to plan a night to remember when it’s time to celebrate your last night out as an unmarried woman. Consider letting him take the reigns when it comes to planning the bachelorette party—it could be a fun surprise!

4. There Won't Be Any Dress Complaints

Picking out a dress that your entire bridal party likes and finds flattering is tough enough. The minimized hassle of having one less bridesmaid to appease is a perk you shouldn’t pass up. As a bride-to-be, the less wedding-related stress in your life, the better.

5. There's No Reason Not To

It’s your day. When all is said and done, your bridal party should be a reflection of who you are and the loved ones who have supported you throughout the years. At the end of the day, if the person in your life most qualified to stand right by your side on your wedding day is a guy, who cares? Being a man of honor is indeed an honor.

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