The Wedding Gifts Real Couples Exchanged on Their Wedding Day

You might want to steal these sentimental ideas

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Weddings are a gift in and of themselves. After all, isn't the promise to love one another for an eternity the best present of all? Sure. But that doesn't mean that the bride and groom can't exchange something special, too! Countless couples choose to exchange wedding gifts on the morning of their wedding. Whether they're big or small, bride and groom gifts are sweet tokens of the almost-newlyweds' love and appreciation for each other, adding yet another memorable moment and providing another keepsake of an already unforgettable wedding day.

Some brides will gift their groom a classic, elegant watch. Other partners will simply write love letters to one another to be opened as they're getting ready for their ceremony. While your wedding rings and commitment are already gifts enough, these bride and groom wedding gifts are undeniably romantic!

Brides asked real married couples to share what wedding gifts they exchanged on the big day. Here's what they had to say.

"We decided to give one another perfume and cologne that we picked out. It had to be a brand we never used before, so it was a new scent and we had to wear it that day. Now, whenever we use it for special occasions, the smell takes us right back to our wedding day. I love that we did that." —Nicole and Chris

"We exchanged ridiculously expensive watches. We figured it's a once in a lifetime day—why not give each other something luxurious? If we didn't then, when would we?" —Jaclyn and Matt

"We exchanged experiences on our honeymoon! He gave me a wine tasting dinner on a cliff in Santorini at Canaves Oia, and I gave him a rooftop cocktail tasting on a high balcony restaurant in Rome. A food and drink theme!" —Jennifer and Tyler

"He gave me a Tiffany & Co. necklace with my new last initial, and I gave him an album of boudoir photos." —Heather and Gil

"I gave him a watch. He got me a necklace with my new monogram, and a necklace I was asking for forever, it said 'love' in black diamonds." —Stacy & Kevin

"I got my husband a custom painted acoustic guitar that was personalized for him. It's now displayed in our house. He got me a Louis Vuitton purse that I use every day!" —Arielle and Elliot

"We didn't exchange gifts. Paying for a wedding was gift enough for us!" —Jenna and Stephen

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