Real Couples Share: Wedding Band or DJ?

We put the age-old question to the test

Updated 06/15/18

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Music can really make or break the party, so selecting your entertainment isn’t a decision to make lightly. For most couples, deciding between a wedding band or a DJ is not easy, and the advice of others, word of mouth, and your own personal experiences as guests come into play. (Okay, and so does your budget.)

We asked real, been-there-done-that brides and grooms for their take. Here’s what they had to say about choosing between a wedding band or a DJ.

“My dad insisted on a band. I wanted no part of it, but he won. The band was fantastic, and 10 years later people are still raving about my wedding.” —Jill

“We did a DJ because we got married last-minute and we couldn’t book a band in time.” —Melissa

*“*We chose a DJ because there was so much more variety.” —Lisa Marie

“DJ. It's more affordable than a band, and they will play any song that you want. They can also take up less space without a lot of equipment. DJs keep the music going during the entire party with no personal breaks or vocal restraints. There’s also nothing comparable to a professionally trained MC that provides all of the party’s energy. I also couldn’t listen to a 'cover' of all of my favorite songs at my wedding.” —Ryan

“We went with a band. I always wanted one at my wedding, but also my husband is a musician and wanted to (and did) play with the band.” —Arielle

“DJ! You get more of a variety of music that transitions seamlessly.” —Jen

“Band for sure. They really know how to work a crowd and there’s nothing better than a guitarist doing an amazing solo in the middle of the dance floor to pump up the crowd.” —Allie

“DJ! I wanted the actual songs and not covers. Also, with a DJ there’s no breaks, and you only have to feed one or two people instead of the whole band. I was very happy with my decision.” —Diane

“Band! They keep the energy in the room alive!” —Jenna

“DJ. If you get the right MC, the energy in the room will be rocking.” —Stephanie

“Band. My fiancé said we can’t possibly invite people to wear tuxedos and gowns to a castle and then make them listen to a DJ. After listening to more than a handful of bands, we picked the one that really got us up and dancing with a wide range of song options.” —Jacqueline

“I wanted to get a band, but we had a DJ. As my husband likes to say, “If I wanna hear U2, I wanna hear U2...not some dude who thinks he sounds like Bono!” —Nancy

“DJ. And we were so happy with it. Especially because our first dance was a mix of Johnny Cash into Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. The DJ allowed me to give him the exact version to play. I’m not sure a band could have pulled it off.” —TJ

“We had a band; nothing sounds like live music. But the downside is definitely less variety, they can only be just so talented in so many styles.” —Heather

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