Real Brides Share: When They Began Trying For a Family

When and why two became three

Updated 07/20/18


First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby...right? Well, not all the time.

Not only does family planning sometimes not go as, well, planned, surprises tend to happen and journeys often take longer than anticipated. Regardless of what the future holds, many couples discuss and agree upon desired timeframes for beginning their journey to parenthood.

Whether it's after 6 months or 6 years together, here’s what real brides had to say about when they began trying for a baby, and why.

“We knew that our road might not be the easiest due to past medical issues that might affect fertility, and even still, we knew we wanted to be married at least a year and a half to two years before beginning to try. We were 28 when we got married, and figured 30 was a good age to start, even if it did take a while. We had places we wanted to travel to, and wanted to purchase our first home before taking the leap. Overall, it took us about a year to successfully conceive, and we couldn’t be happier.” — Nicole

“We waited 6 months after our wedding to start trying for our family, as we had about 7 other weddings that year and wanted to enjoy them all. I did get pregnant the first month we tried in October 2016 but that ended in miscarriage, unfortunately. It took us a year of trying after that before getting pregnant, so we are super excited for our baby girl to arrive in 2 months!” — Meghan

“We got married in December and started trying in April. I looked back at the timeline a few years after our first, Isaac, was born and was surprised how soon after the wedding we started trying because it felt like we were married forever at the time.” — Yelena

“We got married on 12/29/17 and our baby is due 9/21/18. (So we waited about 12 hours!) We have been together for 5 years and I’m 38, when I deliver I’ll be 39.” — Melissa

“We got married on 8/8/08 and our son Charlie was born on 9/3/09. We were technically young, 26, but had been together since we were 20 and wanted to be young parents. We decided we would rather have kids early that way we would still be ‘young’ when they were older.” — Jessica

“We waited just shy of 3 years to have our first. We got married at 25 and then delivered our daughter Caitlin at 28 and a half. We did not live together before marriage—in fact we lived on separate coasts! I was teaching in New Jersey and my husband was an officer on a destroyer out of San Diego. We wanted to concentrate on our careers, figure out home ownership, figure out/establish our roles in our new partnership, and enjoy our time with each other—ALONE. My husband Phil also deployed for 8 months right after we got married. We timed the rest of our kids so they were born during shore duty and not sea duty, approximately 3.5 years apart. Now that we are outnumbered by loud, crazy girls we are so grateful for our first 3 quiet years together and for the comfort and stability in our marriage we were able to build up early on.” — Colleen

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