Can You Say #WeddingGoals? Real Brides Reveal Their Big-Day Hopes and Dreams

Updated 04/28/16

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Some brides aim to bring their Pinterest board to life, while others just want to make it through the day without any family-related drama. We say, to each their own! From lofty décor ambitions to please-don't-let-me-face-plant-down-the aisle aspirations, here are the #WeddingGoals of a bunch of real brides. Now, tell us, what's yours?

"To actually have my parents be able to be in the same room together and it be a bearable experience at best. Fortunately, they far succeeded my expectations (before they only talked via lawyers) and were actually quite pleasant on the day of. Shew!" *— Heidi *

"Obviously, my number one goal is to get married and I hope to have the time of my life too. The less stress, the better!" *— Margo *

"I'm not too confident I'll achieve any, much less all, of these goals, but I'd like to avoid the ugly cry face at the altar thing, tripping down the aisle and spilling red wine all over my white dress. We'll see how it goes in a few months." *— Elisabeth *

"I know it's vain, but my goal is to look the best I've ever looked on my wedding day. I want to wow my groom and all my family and friends." *— Jess *

"All I want to do is get through the day and the planning period without me, my fiancé, mom or any other family members having a nervous breakdown. Haha!" *— Tiffany *

"To steer clear of my sister-in-law as much as humanly possible! She's such a miserable person and puts a damper on everything, and on top of that, was jealous of my wedding. I'm happy to report my mission was accomplished and she didn't spoil a thing." *— Savannah *

"My goal is to have the best day ever and not worry about what everyone else is thinking or judging my décor, food, ceremony, venue, etc. decisions. If things aren't perfect or up to others' 'standards', that's okay!" *— Des *

"This is more of a dress goal, but I want one that's comfortable enough to be on the dance floor all night with my family and friends. So I guess my wedding goal is to not leave the dance floor unless it's to eat or get a drink!" *— Nicole *

"To not get wasted! I want to actually remember the night. Now I just have to make sure my bridesmaids don't overdo it with the champagne while we're getting ready." *— Hayley *

"To turn the type-A planner switch off in me and just enjoy the day without stressing about the timeline, whether all my vendors are there and all the little details. That's why I hired a day-of coordinator so I just need to relax." *— Leane *

"I just hope I can keep it together and not be a blubbering mess the entire ceremony!" *— Bryn *

"It may seem silly to others, but my goal is to bring my Pinterest board to life and turn all that inspiration into my very own Pin-worthy dream wedding." *— Shannon *

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