Real Brides Share Their Best Registry Advice

What real women added to their registries (and what they wish they hadn't)

Updated 09/30/18

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Registering for wedding gifts can be fun and exciting. Or, it can be overwhelming and even a little awkward. When it’s time to grab the scan gun (IRL or online) and get down to it, a little bit of good advice can go a long way.

We asked real been-there-done-that brides to share their best advice for registering. Here’s what they had to say.

“When in doubt, add more! I thought I couldn’t possibly add anything else to my registry, but found it was important to have items of varying prices. People I didn’t think would spend much did, and vice versa. Always add enough options, an then most of the tie you get a great registry completion discount for items that are leftover anyway!” —Nicole

“No formal chinaware! You will never use it, and chances are you will get a set from your mother or grandmother.” —Katy

“Register for experience and place type gifts!” —Deborah

“Be practical. It’s so tempting to go crazy overboard, but it’s important to have restraint. You don’t want people to look at your registry and become overwhelmed or roll their eyes. It’s not a time to be greedy, it’s a time to be appreciative. Only register for what you need and will use. People will be spending their hard-earned money on your gifts!” —Christine

“Unless you really had your heart set on it, I think china is a waste. At most, you’ll use it once or twice a year for special events, and otherwise it will just take up space and also a big chunk of your registry. It’s expensive, and you can get so many other things for what you’d get for a full set.” —Pamela

“My best advice is to be practical. When I registered I just went HAM and registered for everything, and really I should have thought ahead to myself, 'What do I need? What will I use? What pieces will be timeless?'” —Randi

“Put everything on there! You may just get it, so indulge!” —Lisa

“Be realistic with your registry. If you don’t have a king-size bed or any plans for one in the future, don’t register for king-size bedding that will just take up space. If you are not into cooking, you probably won’t use an ice cream maker, panini press, or pizza oven—at least not enough to make it worth having.” —Liz

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