Real Brides Share: Their Best Bachelorette Moments

Bring on the memories!

Bride with her bachelorette party

Photo by Katie Grant

While of course the wedding is the main event, a bride-to-be's bachelorette is also a pretty significant (and festive!) milestone. While some brides opt for extravagant international parties and others opt for some more local, laid back vibes, one thing is for sure: Your bachelorette party will be filled with memorable moments that will last a lifetime. Here, real brides share their all-time favorite moments and memories from their bachelorette parties.

"My best bachelorette moment was when I walked into the hotel we were staying at in the city and found my sister passed out on a couch in their lobby. She had gone to North Carolina with her boyfriend two days before. She was scheduled to fly home the night before the party but her flight got cancelled. Her boyfriend found a couple in the airport who were driving back to New York, and they hitched a ride with them and drove the night. She had him drop her off in the city and I met her there." —Liz, 29

"My bachelorette party was in Miami and I celebrated with my 12 closest girlfriends! I had been going through a rough time right before my bachelorette party, and went into the weekend feeling a little down. My girlfriends and my fiancé wanted to make my bachelorette weekend extra special, so they set up tons of surprises throughout our stay. Friday was our first full day with everyone there, and the girls made sure I got ready early to go down to the pool. I wasn't sure why everyone was making such a big fuss about it since we were just planning on hanging by the pool at the Fontainebleau. When I got downstairs, the girls let me know that my sweet fiancé had arranged our entire day complete with a private cabana, food, and an extra special bottle of Dom Perignon champagne to start our weekend off right! It was so thoughtful and I couldn't have been more grateful to my friends and future hubby for making my weekend amazing! We partied all day and weekend long and it was the best trip ever!" —Katie, 28

"Best bachelorette moment was my mom was dying to come to my flamingo- and rose-themed bachelorette in Palm Springs. Since she wasn't invited, she got the same bathing suit as the girls had planned and did a photo shoot in her bathroom at home and posted it to Facebook. It was hilarious and so cute that she wanted to get in on the party!" —Jenna, 29

"My grandfather passed away suddenly shortly before my wedding, days before what was supposed to be my bachelorette weekend. Our loss was unexpected and heartbreaking, and of course my bachelorette was the last thing on my mind. While I was dealing with the sadness in my family, all my friends swiftly communicated to cancel their airfare and hotel, leaving me out of any added stress. Then the following weekend, they all surprised me at my apartment and took me out for the night into Manhattan. I had no desire to still have a bachelorette, but they wouldn't let me miss out on the milestone, and a night out with my girls is exactly what I needed. A few months later, we had all rescheduled our trip to New Orleans and instead celebrated #MrsOnTheMissisippi, which was also unforgettable. I know my grandfather would be proud to know what rock star friends I have." —Nicole, 31

"My favorite bachelorette moment was when we rented a catamaran to take us around Mexico. We all got completely wasted, went snorkeling, and just had so many laughs and great times. We got to eat lunch at a private hotel and ate authentic Mexican food. We took the pool floats and swam in the ocean at a private beach." —Stacy, 30

"It's not so much my favorite moment, but definitely the funniest. I partied so hard early on, that I was the first to pass out and go to sleep. The rest of the party partied all night without me! At least they had fun." —Jennifer, 38

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