Real Brides Share: One Product They Couldn’t Go Without On Their Wedding Day

Make sure you're prepared for it all!

Updated 04/21/18

Photo by Sara Lobla

Your wedding day can be filled with excitement, but it can also often be chaotic, exhausting, and filled with the unexpected. To ensure you’re primed and prepped for your big weekend, we asked real brides to recommend the one product they couldn’t go without.

From beauty essentials to more practical items, here's what 7 real brides had to say.

“My heel stoppers! We had an outdoor wedding and I was so afraid of having my bridesmaids and myself sink into the grass during our ceremony, even if it was fully dry. So, I got a pack of plastic heel stoppers for each girl that fit over the heel, and it really helped us not get stuck and not sink!” —Christine, 30

“Flip flops! Having flat and comfy shoes were a must. Whenever I wasn’t taking photos or doing something important I put them on. It’s the only way a proper dance party is possible.” —Michele, 30

“Two things—spray deodorant and my lip-gloss. I was anxious the entire time, especially my actual wedding day. And, I sweat a lot when I’m anxious. Instead of having to keep reapplying, the aerosol deodorant was my new best friend! And, lip gloss! My makeup girl gave me it to keep for the day, she said I would need it—and I did! You talk, smile, and greet so many people you have to keep it fresh.” —Nicole, 30

“I’m a very messy person—so Tide sticks! I got makeup on my dress, and it cleaned it up like a charm.” —Yelena, 32

“MAC lipstick in Angel! I had to reapply so many times and it was the perfect shade and easy to keep on hand.” —Maria, 31

“The one product I couldn’t live without on my wedding day was probably my Hourglass Ambient Strobe Lighting powder in Incandescent. It gave me that ‘bridal glow’ all day and night and worked WONDERS for my skin in the photos taken that day!” —Alexandra, 30

"A little booze in the morning to calm my nerves! I was of course so excited, but also anxious and nervous. Luckily we stocked up on the champs so we could sip on some mimosas while getting hair and makeup done. By the time the ceremony came, I was relaxed and ready to go. And I wasn't drunk." —Pam, 30

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