Chopped! Real Brides Detail Their Dramatic Post-Wedding Hair Cuts

Updated 11/19/15

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Hair today, gone tomorrow! It's not uncommon for brides to want their hair long for their big day, only to end up chopping it all off once the wedding is done. Whether it's ten inches, a crazy color or new bangs — changing your mane (along with your name) post-wedding seems to be pretty much par for the course these days — and we have the stories to prove it. Check out these post-wedding hair evolutions below.

"I cut my hair short after my wedding for a fresh start. Since I've always had long hair, it was a really nice change, and my husband loved it!" *— Jenny *

"The great post-wedding bangs of 2012 were a monumental mistake. I looked like a pre-teen for about 3 months, while they grew out because I had them pinned to the side all the time." *— Sarah P. *

"I always wanted a pixie cut, but knew that it might not be my fiancé's, (now husband), favorite thing in the world. I warned him that as soon as the ink dried on our marriage certificate, I was cutting it all off. Two weeks and eleven inches later, I had my pixie cut! I'm so happy I did it, and that I waited until after the wedding. I'm currently growing it back out, however, I loved the confidence that it gave me." *— Sarah J. *

"When I got married, my hair was the longest it had ever been. I grew it out for my amazing day, and my stylist put it up in a beautiful updo. It was breathtaking, and I'd never felt more beautiful. However, living in Georgia in the summer heat — and not having a personal stylist in real life — soon made me realize that it was time to chop. I opted for a shoulder-length bob, slightly angled and I haven't looked back since. It's flattering, stylish, not as difficult to deal with on a daily basis and fits my professional image at this stage perfectly." *— Kristi *

"I'm not married yet but am dying to do an extreme color change post-wedding. I've been drooling over this pretty purple, (think Nicole Richie), for months." *— Alyssa *

"I had blonde hair for 8 years and went brunette a month after the wedding. Everyone was shocked — I didn't even tell my husband — but I'm obsessed with it now, and wish I'd done it before the wedding." *— Claire *

"I cut a good 6 inches off, and glazed my hair a little darker when we got back from our honeymoon. It felt like the equivalent of taking off a bra, after a very long time!" *— Terri *

" I went from black to brown ombré, to black, to magenta ombré after we got married last year. Clearly, I couldn't make up my mind!" *— Jessica *

Tell us, what extreme post-wedding hair plans you currently have in the works?

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