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We Ask Wednesday: How Real Brides Popped the "Bridesmaid" Question

From custom jean jackets to wine-themed boxes.

Photo by Don + Helen

If there’s anyone you simply can’t say “I do” without, it’s your bridesmaids. This group of girls are your shoulder to cry on when wedding planning gets hectic, your #1 fans who scream “SLAY, QUEEN” at all your bridal festivities, your secret keepers for wedding details your S.O. can’t know about (like your dress!) and your go-to people for making sure everything runs smoothly. Most importantly, they’re your best friends turned sisters by the end of your wedding day.

So, how do you ask them to play such a huge role in such a monumental moment of your life?! The possibilities are endless, but you're in luck. For our #WeAskWednesday series, we turned to the only other people who get just how important this is: real brides. See how these brides popped the question below, on Facebook and on Instagram!

How 21 Brides Asked Their Besties To Be Their Bridesmaid

  1. Haven't done it yet but my best friend found this shop on Etsy that sends a gold balloon with confetti in a black and white striped box with a heart toothpick that they will pop the balloon with and a message inside says he popped the question and now it's my turn! ✨🍾💍-@misstanushreesoni

  2. I mailed them all puzzles that were made of picture collages of us together over the years! In the middle of the puzzle it said will you be my bridesmaid? I got the best calls and texts while they were doing the puzzles- the suspense and excitement was awesome! -@andriani63

  3. I contacted all their husbands and set them on a secret brunch mission to Nineteen in the Bellevue in Philadelphia.... they had strict instructions not to tell them anything! There is a beautiful cobblestone driveway and entrance ... they dropped them off and to their surprise I was there waiting! I took hem upstairs where I had strawberries and champagne waiting with cards and little boxes with sweet messages in them asking them to be my bridesmaids! In the box was a crystal butterfly clip for them to wear for the wedding day to represent my mom who has passed . -@tar1102

  4. I gave them each theirs in person. They all got these cute black and white boxes( different prints for their personality) had a personalized card asking to be my bridesmaid/MOH, a champagne bottle, gold straw, ring pop, confetti popper and a personalized champagne flute! -@jennaa_veeve05

  5. I’m a huge wine and cheese night type gal. It’s one of my fav things to do with my friends. So I did a cheese and wine themed box that said “will you Brie my bridesmaid” it included cutting boards, cheese spreaders/marks, wine glass card etc -@nicolealevizos

  6. I asked them all differently and loved every second of it. I asked my sister to be my MOH with a box of her favourite doughnuts that said “I donut want to get married without you as my MOH.” I asked my musician brother by making a card that says I PICK YOU with a guitar pick on it and inside asked to be my bridesdude. I asked my other male BFF while we were in Hawaii on a trip by attaching a sweet note to a lei that said he was being lei’d with a question.. and then my last two besties I asked with a Harry Potter themed card (so me) and a rose. ❤️❤️❤️❤️-@kelseyhuculak

  7. We had a destination wedding, so I got monogrammed luggage tags for them. In place of the address slip I wrote, “bridesmaid?” -@bjuett

  8. I just begged. -@dayoneshell

  9. I asked them during the holidays creating my own personalized glass ornaments for each bridesmaid filled with glitter & their names on it. I put them each in a little box filled with crinkle paper & added a note unique to each one. -@irini_xxo

  10. Mini custom “barn” boxes with the inside filled with gifts like nail polish, mini champagne bottles covered in glitter, emoji chapsticks (each personalized per person), and a special individual gift per person based on their likes and interests! Little paper engagement rings were thrown in the box too with paper padding that looked like hay! I pained the outside of the box red and sprayed a little gold glitter on them. Each one of my bridesmaids and maid(s) of honor live in different parts of the country! A personalized letter to each of them telling them how much i love them and why i chose them to be in my wedding party, as well as printed photos of us thrown into each box ♥️ -@allypagano

  11. Personalized labels on wine bottles and beer bottles! 🍷🍻-@montesa626

  12. I asked my bridesmaids at Easter so I got them each an Easter egg with ‘Be My Bridesmaid?’ written on them in icing ☺️ -@whitleygiraffe

  13. I asked my bridesmaids with a variety of urban outfitters self care items: perfume, everything spray, flower bath salt, lip balm, and lait de coco hand cream. I had custom cookies made in hearts where the frosting was dyed the specific hues of pink that will be accented in the wedding! I selected a depreville sparkling wine, too! I had letters created in calligraphy, asking for each friend to be in my wedding! The were enclosed in another color of pink envelope. Name tags were attached to the ivory silk ribbon that was wrapped around the white box, which were topped off with a single stemmed ivory rose 💓-@courtney_backstrom

  14. I made them all custom jean jackets with "Bridesmaid" written on the back :) -@muhlaneuh

  15. I have three younger sisters.. for each of them, I found the first picture (ever!) of me holding them as a baby and gave them a card with that picture, a fun phrase for each (noting it was their destiny, or they had no choice to say no from day 1..😉) and two succulents in a glass geometric mini terrarium to signify how they’ve always been by my side and continued to grow with me. I did the same for my cousin & three best friends. ♥️♥️ they’ve all been by my side for 20+ years and I’d be lost without them. -@wideyemma

  16. @tiffanyandco helped me to send each lady a necklace and card from @papyrus. What gal doesn’t like getting a little blue box?! -@marisa_m19

  17. I made “will you BEE my bridesmaid” bracelets and took them out to dinner to pop the question and hid the bracelets and cards in the menu :) -@brittanykyle101

  18. To get my girls ready for take-off for our destination wedding in Punta Cana, I gave them mini suitcases with goodies from DR. Each suitcase had the words Fly Away With Me (in handwritten calligraphy) and their names by the handle. Inside? Palm Beach hand painted yute bags with a luggage tag inside, a faceless doll, a Le Mini from @venusetfleur, a mini bottle of rum and a message in the bottle with the big question! 🌴 ♥️🍾🎊 -@lauras9887

  19. I put together a little gift box with a bottle of bubbly, a bridesmaid sash, bath bomb, nail file, cotton candy & a “bridesmaids” dvd & a card asking them / titled “I can’t say I do without you”🥂🎁💕-@Vanessa L Jones

  20. I spent the day with each one individually. Leading up to the proposal, I expressed how they've had an impact on my life - how much I appreciate, love and look forward to sharing many more milestones with them. I put together custom boxes @bedbathandbeyond - Mini @stellarosa bottles, mirrors with their first name initial @theknot, and mini roses made of soap. -@jnnyfur

  21. I asked them with little wooden boxes that had each of their initials on top. I handmade the boxes. Inside was a tiny Nutella, a shot, a shot glass, a little succulent, and a pair of earrings, as well as a bath bomb that said “you are the bubbles to my bath”. -@chebs_

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