In Season Now: 7 Pretty Ranunculus Bouquets for Winter Weddings

Updated 11/29/14

Elizabeth Messina

Pretty ranunculuses are starting to come into season again, which definitely helps make the beginning of winter a whole lot brighter. These blossoms come in a range of bright, saturated color, ranging from deep, moody purples and burgundies to the palest pinks and bright whites. Sometimes their petals can be dense and tightly packed, while other varieties are lighter, almost tissue-soft. Their arching stems can look graceful or more whimsical, depending on how the blooms are arranged. If you love ranunculuses as much as we do, check out these seven beautiful bridal bouquets incorporating the bloom.

White Ranunculuses Bouquet (above): This classic arrangement combines a cluster of all-white ranunculuses surrounded by a "collar" of lily of the valley.

Colorful Ranunculus Bouquet: Ranunculuses in shades of pink, orange, peach, and white begin to take on a more nautical vibe with the addition of a navy-and-white striped grosgrain ribbon.

Coral Bouquet with Ranunculuses: Vibrant coral-pink ranunculuses really pop when mixed with garden roses, sweet peas, and peonies.

Lush Bouquet with Ranuncluses: This stunning, oversize bouquet combines ranuncluses with dahlias, garden roses, astrantia, and jasmine vines.

White Ranunculus Bouquet: This more organic-looking bouquet combines white ranunculus blossoms as well as ranunculus buds, mixed in with jasmine vines for a textured look.

Ombre Bouquet with Ranuncluses: For a high-drama bouquet, ask your florist to create an ombré look, with ranunculuses in various shades transitioning from light to dark.

Pink Ranunculus Bouquet: This pretty arrangement features pink ranunculuses as well as dahlias, amaranthus, and pepper berries for added texture and depth.

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