Rachel Lindsay Is Pulling Wedding Dress Inspiration from This Celebrity Bride

Hint: Her wedding was a Big Bang

Updated 08/13/18


Former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay and her fiancé Bryan Abasolo haven’t tied the knot yet, but have already learned one of the most important rules of marriage—compromise. The couple came up with the perfect arrangement for what Lindsay will walk down the aisle in.

The lawyer-turned-reality star told E! News she originally wanted to wear pants on her wedding day because she "wanted to feel powerful and sexy," but knew her future hubby was looking forward to seeing her in a more traditional wedding dress. "Bryan, he says he doesn't care, but I really think he does, he wants to see me in a dress and so we are going to compromise," she said.

Her new bridal style is inspired by fellow celebrity bride Kaley Cuoco. "I thought that the dress was beautiful,” she recalled. “It had this sheer, it had the beading, it had a cape. I thought it was gorgeous."

Cuoco wore a custom made Reem Acra wedding gown, which took over 400 hours to make. The dress featured a sweetheart neckline and was covered in embroidered flowers. As Lindsay recalled, the look was finished off in a stunning embroidered floral cape. Lindsay and Randi Rahm, of the Randi Rahm Atelier, are hoping to recreate a similar look for the bride-to-be.

Although the wedding dress plans changed, Lindsay is still excited about the idea of having a TV wedding. "I am very open to it, just because I feel like we fell in love on TV, so it's a full circle moment for us to have our wedding on TV," she said.

As for the timeline, she would like to be married by spring of next year, "because I want to start having babies too," she said. Establishing a roots and a family is something Lindsay has talked about for a while. She told Entertainment Tonight last month about how the timing of the wedding is centered around starting a family. "I wanted it in December, but as it's getting closer and plans haven't been put in place, it's looking more next year, the spring, because I want to have kids,” she said. “I really want to start next year. I want more stability. We've been traveling so much and I want to create this family unit and a home for us. We've been having a great time, traveling, we live together, so we've already done the things, 'Oh, I'll wait two years once I get married'—we're already doing that. So, it's like, why wait?! Let's have kids!”

After such an non-traditional start these two sound like they are mapping out a very traditional future, even though Lindsay said moving their relationship off camera was terrifying. “The hardest day is when the cameras go off, 'cause you're scared,” she admitted to E!. “You're like, oh my gosh, I got this ring. And it's like is this the same person you know that I met on camera? Is he going to be the same off?"

Luckily for Lindsay there was nothing to worry about. She said, "Bryan is truly my best friend."

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